S1 E19 The Only Light in the Darkness

04/22/14 | TV-PG | CC

Marcus Daniels steps off a boat to let a dock worker know that he needs a ride to Portland. He uses a certain power he possesses to cause the worker to collapse. Marcus steals his truck. He finds some classical music on the radio before driving off into the night.

Ward tells the tale of how Hydra overtook the Fridge. He neglects to mention that he was an integral part of this. He lies by saying Garrett is dead. Coulson learns that one of the inmates who escaped from the Fridge is Marcus Daniels. He wants to go after him. Agent Koenig won’t let anyone leave his secret base until they go through orientation. Basically, they need to pass a pretty intense lie detector test. Koenig believes Ward has another agenda. He’s right. Ward confesses that he came back for Skye. It’s enough of a half-truth to satisfy Koenig.

Coulson briefs the team on Marcus Daniels. He used to work in a lab where they were trying to harness unstable cosmic radiation known as Dark Force. Daniels was exposed. This gave him the ability to absorb all types of energy. The guy can kill with one touch. Coulson takes Triplett, Fitz and Simmons with him as a splinter team. He believes Daniels will go after a woman he was obsessed with in the past. Her name is Audrey Nathan. The team arrives in to confront Daniels. He’s even more powerful than he was in the past. He escapes into the night.

Audrey tells the tale of how a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent saved her from Daniels. His name was Phil Coulson. Audrey believes he died in the line of duty. She feels like he’s still out there protecting her. He is. That’s why Coulson is reluctant to use her as bait. Audrey, a cellist, performs on a stage. Fitz, Simmons and Triplett zap Daniels with devices that somewhat immobilize him. It’s only when Coulson steps in that he is finally taken down. Audrey is safe, but Coulson doesn’t let on that he’s alive. He’ll tell her the truth someday. Perhaps Fitz will reveal his feelings for Simmons someday as well.

Skye wants to hack NSA satellites to get footage from the Fridge breakout. This worries Ward. He’s about to take out May but it becomes unnecessary when she leaves on her own. Agent Koenig isn’t so lucky. He’s MIA after Skye hacks into the satellites. Ward says the footage was sent out to other agencies as a show of good faith. He has a heart-to-heart with Skye telling her he’s not a good man. She doesn’t believe it. She kisses him. When their lip-lock is cut short, Skye finds a lifeless Koenig. She knows Ward is Hydra and he’s headed her way.

Skye gathers herself together. She acts as if she’s not wise to Ward’s true colors. The two of them take off in the bus. Coulson and the others are stunned to return to an empty hangar. Ward is taking Skye to the location she needs to be to decrypt the hard drive will access all of those top secret files. As for May, she meets with someone she trusts—her mom. She provides info on someone May needs to contact. Her name: Maria.

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