S2 E12 Who You Really Are

03/10/15 | TV-PG | CC

In Faro, Portugal, Lady Sif emerges from the ocean looking for Kava. She has no memory of who she is. Back at S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters, Fitz is keeping a watchful eye on Skye, who is ordered to not hold back during her training sessions with May. Coulson has asked Hunter to become part of the S.H.I.E.L.D. team permanently. Bobbi ponders what this will mean. After all, she’s sharing a secret with Mack, who has been asked to take on missions in the field. The two of them discuss bringing Hunter into the loop. Mack shuts down any chance of that happening. He advises Bobbi to push Hunter away. So she does.

Coulson and the team fly to Portugal. Lady Sif is shown video of her in a fight with the man she seeks. She doesn’t recall the battle. She also doesn’t recognize the name Thor even though the mention of him does make her smile. As for the man who battled Lady Sif, a Kree, he hunts down whatever nitrogen he can find to use for his blue body. Bobbi and Skye track him down. A battle ensues. Bobbi is knocked around and Skye is rendered useless by the violent trembling that takes place—the trembling she causes. The Kree escapes.

Kava means keys. May finds a lead steering the team to a place where Daniel Whitehall first found the Obelisk. The team captures the Kree as he is digging up a large case. The prisoner, who goes by the name Vin-Tak, wants his truncheon so he can restore Lady Sif’s memory as a show of good faith. The Kree keeps his word. Lady Sif’s memory is restored. The subject of Terrigenesis arises. Ancient Kree descended on planets, altering the inhabitants to fight their wars. Earth was one of those planets.

The crate Vin-Tak dug up was filled with enough diviners to create a dangerous army. They are all gone now. Coulson lets Lady Sif and Vin-Tak know that Raina has been transformed. Skye is understandably nervous during this discussion. She begins to lose control. There’s violent trembling. Skye finally admits that she’s causing the quake. Lady Sif wants to take her to Asgard. Vin-Tak wants to put her down. As far as Skye’s team is concerned, neither of those plans is an option.

Skye is rushed away by May. Simmons realizes that Fitz knew about Skye all along. Coulson does his best to hold off Lady Sif peacefully. Vin-Tak takes down Mack and Hunter. Bobbi draws her batons. Another battle between them is on. There’s no way Bobbi can beat Vin-Tak. Fortunately, she only needed to draw his attention for a spell. ZAP! Fitz fires the destroyer gun. Vin-Tak is down. Bobbi jabs him with the truncheon. Just like that, his memory is zapped away.

May locks Skye in room. She tries to get her to focus, to regain control. Lady Sif breaks through. May is ready to fight for her friend until Skye swipes her Icer. ZAP! Skye fires into her own chest. She’s out cold. The rumbling subsides. Lady Sif is shocked by Skye’s actions. Coulson explains she did what she did to save the rest of them. She wants to get better. That can’t happen if she’s taken away from the people she loves.

Lady Sif, back in her Asgardian armor, promises that she will return an oblivious Vin-Tek to his home planet. She believes that leaving Skye behind poses a real danger. She warns that there are tides in the universe that one cannot swim against. Then, in a flash, Lady Sif and Vin-Tak are whisked off through a portal to another world. Coulson and May take a moment to contemplate their current situation. They can’t help recalling what Lumley once said: Wherever Skye goes, death follows.

Fitz comes under fire for keeping secrets from the team. Skye overhears Mack saying that they all need protection from her. She locks herself in her room. Later, Hunter approaches Mack in private. He knows that he and Bobbi aren’t being honest. Hunter wants to know what Bobbi meant when she spoke of “some real backup” during the fight with Vin-Tak. Mack doesn’t answer. Instead, he renders Hunter unconscious. He’s just gone down a road it seems he was hoping to avoid.

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