S2 E16 Afterlife

04/07/15 | TV-PG | CC

Hunter and Coulson swipe a nice SUV to use for their hunt for Skye. They locate the site where she was taken by Gordon, the missing eyes guy. As for Skye, she’s left in the hands of her transitioner, Lincoln. The guy is helping her body adjust after her experience with the Terrigen Mist. Lincoln lets her know that they are in a safe place known as Afterlife.

The people in Afterlife are descendants waiting to be chosen for the change. Skye jumped ahead of them in the most old school kind of way—with a Diviner in a Kree Temple. She’s surprised to learn that her transition is irreversible. Lincoln shows Skye his gift which involves electrical charges. He learned how to control it at Afterlife. Lincoln is able to harmlessly lift Skye in the air using his power.

Skye asks Gordon to get a message to her friends. That can’t happen until they get permission from the elders. Gordon heads off to pay a visit to Skye’s father, Kal, who isn’t happy about being locked up in a windowless room. The two of them get into physical altercation over Skye. Gordon lets him know that his lack of discipline has sealed his fate, as well as the fate of his daughter. Kal’s wife appears a short time later reiterating that he cannot yet see their daughter.

Gonzales wants Fitz to crack open the toolbox. That’s not going to happen anytime soon. May isn’t being very cooperative either. She lets Gonzales know that Coulson is the one man he’ll never be able to put down. At his hideout, Coulson says he believes Bobbi and Mack are good agents. He wants Hunter to try to see things from their side. The other S.H.I.E.L.D. arrives at their hideout. Coulson isn’t surprised. After all, he lured them there. Reinforcements are on the way though perhaps not soon enough.

Coulson makes use of a 21st century Howling Commandos kit that Fitz and Trip built for him. It includes a holographic projection machine. Coulson and Hunter put it to good use. They trick the invading S.H.I.E.L.D. agents into letting their guard down long enough to be iced. They attempt to steal the QuinJet, but are quickly surrounded. That’s fine. The reinforcements have arrived. Actually, it’s just one reinforcement—Mike Peterson. The other S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are neutralized and the QuinJet is soon airborne.

Fitz is surprised to hear that Simmons has opted to crack open the toolbox. The two of them have an intense conversation about this. Fitz juggles the toolbox in his hands. Mack advises his friend to put it down as another agent draws his gun. Fitz drops the box while lecturing to Simmons that what she’s doing must mean that she wants him to leave. So he goes.

Skye realizes that Raina is also being kept at Afterlife. She finds her in a nearby dwelling. When Raina reveals her thorny transitioned self, Skye begins to lose control of her powers. Everything shakes. Raina wants Skye to finish her. That’s not going to happen. A woman name Jaiying, who we got to know in “Aftershocks,” enters the room. She explains that they are all the same at this place. Jaiying tells Skye she will be her guide if she decides to stay

Gonzales brings a gun into a private room with May. He turns it over to her asking that she pull the trigger if she truly believes him to be a traitor. If she doesn’t shoot him, he wants to give her a position on the board. They are going to bring in Coulson with or without her. If she joins them, at least he’ll have an ally in his corner when they do. Elsewhere, Coulson lets Hunter know that to proceed with their next move they need to utilize a bad option: former agent Grant Ward.

At headquarters, Simmons lets Bobbi and Mack know that, despite her best efforts, she can’t open the toolbox. Without Coulson, it’s just a worthless piece of junk. The irony of her words is lost on those around her. That’s because they have no idea that Fitz and Simmons were secretly working together. The real toolbox is in Fitz’s backpack. Also packed in there was a prosciutto and mozzarella sandwich.

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