S2 E08 The Things We Bury

11/18/14 | TV-PG | CC

In Austria, 1945, the man known in the present day as Daniel Whitehall, orders experimentation done using the obelisk. Many lives are lost in the process. He is enthusiastic when one woman appears to be unaffected by the obelisk’s deadly lava attack on the flesh. In the present day, the Doctor lets Whitehall know that he has yet to unlock the true power of the object. It needs to be taken to a “special place” by a “special person” to do something much cooler than kill. Elsewhere, Coulson believes the obelisk will lead Whitehall and Hydra to the alien city he saw in a design in “The Writing on the Wall.”

During Bobbi’s interrogation of Bakshi, the team realizes that Whitehall and Red Skull have some connection even though the latter has been dead for 70 years. Simmons finds the original 0-8-4 report that was signed by Agent Peggy Carter. It says that the obelisk and a Red Skull commander, Werner Reinhardt (who looks a lot like Daniel Whitehall), were captured by her. In the past, Reinhardt tells Agent Carter that visitors came to conquer our world. In the present, the Doctor tells Whitehall that he can get him into the alien city and, more importantly, to the temple inside.

When Simmons sees a picture of Reinhardt, she realizes that he is, in fact, Whitehall in the present day. He somehow turned back the clock, as he was held in an old SSR prison known as “The Rat.” This is where Peggy Carter left him to stay buried forever. Forty-four years passed before he got out. In Austria, 1989, Reinhardt is shown the women who was unaffected by the obelisk all those years ago. She hasn’t aged a day. Whitehall vows to find out what makes her so special. When he does, he uses it on himself to become young again. As for the woman, her body gets disposed of once it has served Reinhardt’s needs.

In the present day, Hunter gives Bobbi the file on Reinhardt/Whitehall. It’s just the leverage she needs to break Bakshi, who tries to kill himself with a cyanide capsule embedded in his cheekbone. Hunter thinks Bobbi may have pushed too hard. Perhaps she was afraid the guy would reveal what she had to do to keep her Hydra cover. This leads to an all-out bicker-fest. They finally stop fighting long enough to rip off their clothes and hop into the back of a car together.

Ward kidnaps his big brother, Senator Christian Ward. They debate about what happened at “The Well.” Ward has him dig up the hole in the woods. He gets Christian to admit that he wanted their brother dead because he was the only one their mother didn’t torture. She loved him so much. Christian wanted her to feel the pain they felt because she didn’t keep their father from hurting them, too. That’s all Ward ever wanted to hear. He leaves a recording of the confession at the scene of the staged murder-suicide of his parents and Christian. The news report of this event is on TV as Ward and Whitehall chat about working together.

Coulson, Skye, Fitz and Trip are on a mission in Hawaii. Everyone has an assignment to fulfill. Once they get what they need from the Aloha State, they are off to the Australian Outback to hack into a satellite feed to find the alien city. The work they did in Hawaii laid the groundwork to make this happen. Even a struggling Fitz comes through in the end. Unfortunately, Hydra arrives at the same time as the team. Trip is shot. It’s bad. A stranger appears out of the darkness. He can help. He’s a doctor. He’s the Doctor.

The Doctor accidently reveals himself to be Skye’s father. He’s using his ability to save Trip as his bargaining chip. He gets angry when Coulson refers to his daughter by the name Skye. The Doctor gives instructions on how to save Trip as he makes his escape. As for Skye, she’s back on the bus making use of hacked satellite. She’s confused by the uneasiness being projected by Coulson and Fitz. Their discussion, or lack of one, gets put on hold when a match is found for the alien city.

The Doctor is brought in to meet with Whitehall. He’s intrigued to hear that his new cohort, Ward, was a member of Coulson’s team. He knows all of them—like family. Jumping back 25 years ago, we see the Doctor as he finds a body in the woods. It’s the woman Whitehall killed to restore his youth. The devastated Doctor vows to find the one who did this to her.

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