S2 E22 Season 2 Finale: "S.O.S. Part 2"

05/12/15 | TV-PG | CC

Coulson tries to convince Cal that he’s a good man at heart. It’s his wife who has become the monster. Cal says she once had a good heart, but she needs to take lives to survive, to heal. He wants to help Coulson save Skye from her mother.

Jaiying uses her deadly crystals to kill a high-ranking S.H.I.E.L.D. official. She threatens that there will be more casualties unless the homing beacon that has been activated is expanded. She wants to lure others to her. Lincoln is stunned by what he’s witnessed. Elsewhere, Mack releases Skye from a cell where she’d been held. He needs her hacker help to shut down the beacon.

Hunter and May locate the building where Bobbi is imprisoned. Backup agents are taken down by Ward and Agent 33. Bobbi knows Hunter is coming to save her. She struggles to move herself in the line of fire of the booby-trapped door. Hunter turns the knob. BANG! Bobbi is hit. It’s bad. Hunter rushes to her. Elsewhere, May tricks Agent 33 into changing her face to look like her. BANG! BANG! BANG! Ward pumps several gunshots into the person he thought was May. It’s actually Agent 33. She dies in Ward’s arms.

Bobbi is transported to safety. She’s barely alive. Simmons works to save her. While this is happening, May makes a call to Andrew. Their chat is brief, but meaningful considering the dire circumstances. Simmons is also feeling reflective. She mentions to Fitz that they never talked about what was said at the bottom of the ocean. She’d like to do that soon.

Lincoln finds Skye, who convinces him that Jaiying is bad news. Mack knocks the guy out before he can fully come around. Skye manages to send a signal saying that the S.H.I.E.L.D. rescue team is heading into a trap. Coulson calls off all QuinJets except for the one his team is on. Once Jaiying realizes that they have been found out, she gives the order to release the Terrigen crystals to release the mist. Anyone who isn’t Inhuman will be killed.

Cal offers to take care of Jaiying while Coulson and the others find the crystals. On the HeliCarrier, Mack is in a battle with Gordon over the crystals. It’s hard to win a fight with a teleporter though. Nevertheless, Mack holds his own until Fitz arrives with a way to trap Gordon. A mighty battle takes place. In the end, Fitz is the one to slay Gordon. Coulson dives to catch a falling Terrigen crystal snagging moments before it is able to crash onto the floor. Still, his hand begins to turn to stone. WHACK! Mack cuts off Coulson’s hand with an axe to stop the rock-like spreading.

Cal tracks down Jaiying, but is quickly trapped. Skye is busy doing battle with clone girl and her many helpers. Lincoln and May swing by to give her a hand. Skye races off to stop her mom from leaving with the case of crystals. She can’t let her destroy any other lives. Jaiying cups Skye’s face. She’s draining the life out of her. Skye manages to use her powers to flip the escaping QuinJet. It falls upside down into the ocean with the crystals still inside.

Skye and Jaiying continue to do battle. Cal begs them to stop. He doesn’t want Skye to live with the pain of killing her mother. That’s something he will do for her. Cal grabs Jaiying. He snaps the life out of her. Then he holds her in his arms and weeps.

Days later, Coulson lets Andrew know that he’s looking into some options regarding his missing arm situation. He’s more interested in an assessment of his team and the recommendations for a new program that involves Skye in some way. Far from all this, an angry Ward forcefully lets it be known to a Hydra recruiter that he wants to be part of a team again. He wants closure.

In random updates, Bobbi is recovering from her injuries. Hunter is by her side. He’s surprised to hear her say that she can’t do this anymore. Mack is back on the team and May is taking some time off. Skye promises to visit Cal, who is going away for good this time. Actually, he’s going to work as a vet with no memory of his past. Skye keeps her word. She visits her dad even though he doesn’t know her anymore. As for that mission Coulson mentioned before, it involves building a team centered on people with powers.

Out in the ocean, the Terrigen crystals that fell off the QuinJet are released into the water. This has an effect on all the sea creatures that are later processed into things like food and fish oil vitamins. In other news, Fitz finally gets up enough courage to ask Simmons out on a dinner date. He heads off to figure out venue options. Simmons lets out a slight smile as she continues with her work. Suddenly, the container with the shape-shifting alien substance breaks open. Simmons is consumed by it. The substance then reconfigures into its normal form with no sign of Simmons at all.

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