S3 E06 Among Us Hide

11/03/15 | TV-PG | CC

This episode begins right after the events of Season 3, Episode 4 "Devils You Know," as Agent Melinda May anxiously awaits the return of Andrew Garner after Hydra's Grant Ward ordered Werner Von Strucker (AKA Alexander) to kill him. Miraculously, Andrew survived the explosion… but how? May vows revenge. She tells Coulson that she’s officially back with S.H.I.E.L.D.

Elsewhere, Ward discovers that Von Strucker survived the explosion too. The kid knows too much to be left alive.

May coaxes Agent Bobbi Morse to return to active duty. Their mission: go undercover to infiltrate a Cayman Island’s bank and get intel on Von Strucker. Meanwhile, Von Strucker meets with Gideon Malick, a high ranking member of Hydra. Malick promises Von Strucker that he’ll address the Ward situation.

Rosalind Price picks up Director Phil Coulson to take him on a tour of the ATCU facility, but she gets a call, it seems her home has been broken into. Not trusting her, Coulson refuses to reschedule and accompanies her home.

Back at HQ, Agent Lance Hunter asks Agent Leo Fitz if he really wants to bring Will back through the portal. Fitz is sure -- he’d do anything for Agent Jemma Simmons.

Agent Daisy Johnson tells Andrew that she suspects Lash is an ATCU agent since she watched him transform into a man and Lash is always one step ahead. Agent Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie suspects that Rosalind’s number two, Banks, might be Lash. Mack, Daisy, and Hunter trail Banks in search of clues. Daisy, Mack, and Hunter follow Banks to a parking lot. In a moment of brash roguishness, Hunter ICEs Banks and takes a blood sample to see if his body contains Inhuman DNA. Simmons tests Banks’ DNA. Negative. He is not Inhuman. But Mack searches Banks’ stuff and finds the address of a secret ATCU facility.

May and Bobbi infiltrate the Cayman Islands bank and search Von Strucker’s safety deposit box, but find themselves surrounded by armed guards. Bobbi tries to sweet talk her out of the situation, but no luck. May and Bobbi resort to good old-fashioned ass kicking and escape. It’s Bobbi’s first combat since being sidelined.

At her home, Rosalind offers Coulson takeout burgers for dinner. Coulson accuses her of stalling the facility visit and for trying to manipulate him into liking her. Rosalind relents and takes Coulson to the ATCU facility.

Daisy sends one of Fitz’s upgraded dwarves into the ATCU facility and watches a real time feed from its camera. She sees…a cube-like gel matrix cocoon with a person trapped inside. It’s an Inhuman trapped in stasis. She also sees Coulson casually inspecting the facility with Rosalind! Why isn’t Coulson freaking out? Rosalind explains to Coulson that the stasis keeps the Inhumans alive and safe while ATCU researches a cure. Rosalind finally opens up to Coulson. Their relationship develops further…

Bobbi and May storm Von Strucker’s penthouse in Germany, only to find that Kebo and his Hydra goons are already there. Kebo stabs Von Strucker. His life hangs in the balance.
May and Bobbi battle the Hydra goons. Bobbi defeats Kebo. She is officially back in action. May rescues Von Strucker, who reveals what really happened when he attacked Andrew: Andrew transformed into a hideous beast and killed the Hydra agents. May realizes the truth: Andrew is Lash. 

Daisy talks with a still on-the-run Lincoln Campbell, trying to convince him to come in to S.H.I.E.L.D. Andrew checks in with Daisy and asks her to keep him in the loop about Lincoln.  

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