S3 E07 Chaos Theory

11/10/15 | TV-PG | CC

Flashback to Agent Melinda May and Andrew’s vacation in Hawaii after the Season 2 Finale. They're happy, but serious. Andrew returns home and accidentally breaks a Terrigen crystal Jiaying hid in a ledger. Hit with the Terrigen mist, Andrew turns to stone, and as we see later, he becomes Lash...

At HQ, Agent Daisy Johnson confronts Director Phil Coulson about the Inhumans frozen in stasis at the ATCU facility. Coulson argues that it’s for the benefit of humanity and tells Daisy that he will argue the case on behalf of the ATCU before the President.

Agent Leo Fitz helps Agent Jemma Simmons recover the images and recordings from her broken phone she had when she journeyed through the portal.

Meanwhile, armed with the revelatory information from Werner Von Strucker, May returns to base to find Andrew, but he’s gone. May learns Andrew is off site, performing a one on one psych analysis of Joey Gutierrez (whom we met in the Season 3 Premiere, "Laws of Nature"). If Andrew really is Lash, then Joey is in danger. She heads off to find him before it’s too late.

Agent Bobbi Morse tells Agent Lance Hunter that she wants to abandon the hunt for Hydra's Grant Ward. She doesn’t want either of them to become a monster like him.

Coulson asks Daisy to give ATCU's Rosalind Price a tour of the Zephyr One. Daisy tries to show Rosalind that Inhumans can be a force for good. Rosalind disagrees; for every Daisy Johnson there’s another Lash out there. These two really don’t get along.

Back at HQ, Fitz reviews the content on Simmons’ broken phone. In addition to the touching audio recordings she made for Fitz, he also finds a heartbreaking picture of Simmons and Will together.

Meanwhile, Agent Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie meets with Lincoln Campbell, who is convinced that Lash must be a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent.

May finds Andrew with Joey at a S.H.I.E.L.D. training facility. She confronts Andrew about secretly being Lash. He denies it…but then ICEs May and kidnaps her! May wakes up handcuffed to a pole in an empty university building. Andrew finally admits that he is Lash and tells the story of how he transformed. He tells her his new Inhuman instincts cause him to transform into Lash and kill other Inhumans. To hide it from May and protect her, he broke things off with her.

Elsewhere, Lincoln meets with Coulson and tells him his theory about Lash. Coulson puts it all together. If Andrew is Lash, then that means May is in danger…

Rosalind and S.H.I.E.L.D. storm the abandoned building where Andrew is keeping May. Coulson tries to talk Andrew down, but Lincoln barges in and attacks to draw the monster out. Andrew transforms into Lash, and all hell breaks loose. Lash and Lincoln battle it out. Lash seizes Rosalind and throws her over a balcony, but Daisy saves her with her powers in the nick of time. Before Lash can kill Lincoln, May steps in and talks him down. He transforms back into Andrew. May fires her gun, blasting him back into the containment module. Andrew survives and is safely restrained.

Rosalind and the ATCU take Andrew into custody and place him in stasis. It’s the safest option for him until a cure is found.

Fitz and Simmons share a moment at HQ -- she meant all the lovely things she said about Fitz in those recordings. Fitz has an idea on how to get Will back from Maveth.

In our tag, Malick finally meets with Ward, who vows to kill Coulson. Malick receives a call from an employee who happens to be…Rosalind!
We also learn that Rosalind and Coulson have become more than work associates -- they have become romantically involved. 

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