S3 E08 Many Heads, One Tale

11/17/15 | TV-PG | CC

Grant Ward meets with Gideon Malick (Powers Boothe) and insists that the Hydra Boss share the wealth found in the Von Strucker family vault. Malick refuses, and instead, commands his forces to attack Ward. Ward battles his way free, hell bent on finding the vault.

Elsewhere, Coulson and Rosalind send Dr. Andrew Garner -- in stasis -- to the ATCU facility. Rosalind Price promises that the ATCU is working on a cure.

Back at HQ, Fitz is determined to find a way to rescue Will. He and Simmons research the Ram’s Head symbol S.H.I.E.L.D. found in the castle they visited in "Purpose in the Machine" for clues. At HQ, Lincoln Campbell finally feels safe now that Lash has been captured. But he and Daisy Johnson still have unresolved romantic tension to work out.

Mack confronts Coulson, he’s concerned that Coulson’s feelings for Rosalind are compromising S.H.I.E.L.D. Coulson assures Mack there is no need for concern -- because Coulson has already ordered Bobbi and Hunter to infiltrate the ATCU facility while Rosalind is busy touring S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ.

Coulson welcomes Rosalind to HQ. Their demeanor is flirty but Coulson secretly extracts data from her phone, thus enabling Daisy to hack the ATCU server. With Daisy’s help, Bobbi and Hunter infiltrate the facility masquerading as FBI agents, much to the chagrin of Steve, the ATCU I.T. guy. Daisy helps Hunter pull off a convincing impression of a FBI Hacker. Bobbi uses the distraction to investigate the facility.

Fitz and Simmons discover that the Ram’s Head symbol seen in the castle and in the “Distant Star Pathfinder” symbol on Will’s flight suit (from "4,722 Hours") are linked to ritualistic sacrifices going back thousands of years. Could Will and NASA somehow be related to these rituals? In moment alone, Fitz and Simmons finally talk feelings. It culminates in a kiss! But with the complication of Will and Simmons's relationship, Fitz also thinks that they're cursed, and that the universe is trying to keep them apart. 

Andrew has a visitor… Malick. He tells Andrew that S.H.I.E.L.D. does not have his best intentions in mind and prompts him to reveal intel.

Bobbi continues her search through the ATCU facility and realizes…Andrew isn’t there at all. In fact, the ATCU isn’t researching a cure. Instead, they are administering Terrigen tainted fish oil to as many employees as possible. They’re not curing Inhumans, they’re trying to turn them. When Bobbi relays her discovery to HQ, Coulson accuses Rosalind of working for Hydra. Rosalind denies any tie to Hydra. Is she playing games? Was anything between them ever real?

Back at the ATCU facility, Banks recognizes Hunter. Their cover is blown! Bobbi and Hunter try to escape, but must first battle Mr. Giyera, the ATCU head of security with telekinetic powers. Bobbi and Hunter battle the telekinetic head of security, but he’s too powerful.

Rosalind insists that she really did fall for Coulson and that she learned about T.A.H.I.T.I. from her high-level contact Gideon Malick. But if Malick knows about T.A.H.I.T.I., that must mean he is a member of Hydra! Coulson chooses to trust Rosalind after all and allows her to call Banks, whom she orders to help Bobbi and Hunter escape.

Meanwhile, Ward confronts Malick at the Von Strucker vault in Germany. Impressed with him, Malick gives Ward a history lesson on Hydra:
Thousands of years ago, a powerful Inhuman was banished from Earth to Maveth. Hydra was formed thousands of years ago for the sole purpose of bringing that dreaded Inhuman back using the monolith.

If Ward helps Malick bring the Inhuman back from the portal, he promises to help him cut off the head of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Phil Coulson. Later, Ward confronts Andrew, who is locked up somewhere mysterious. Andrew realizes he is being held by Hydra and Ward realizes the best way to make Melinda May feel pain is through Andrew…

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