S2 E09 ...Ye Who Enter Here

12/02/14 | TV-PG | CC

Skye awakens from a series of disturbing dreams regarding her past. She can’t shake the vibe that something bad is about to happen. A short time later, Coulson tells the team that Hydra has the Obelisk as well as an expert who knows how to use it. There’s a powerful weapon inside the device. To activate it, they need to be inside a temple of a secret city that lies under San Juan. S.H.I.E.L.D. knows where this place is. Hydra doesn’t. They need to get there pronto to blow up the temple.

Daniel Whitehall’s agents, including a scarred Agent 33 still looking a lot like Melinda May, track down Raina in Vancouver. Fortunately, a couple of Agent Koenigs (Sam and Billy) are there to assure her escape through Sam’s use of a cool cloaking umbrella. Raina is going to need a lanyard. Coulson sends an extraction team consisting of May, Hunter and Skye. He doesn’t want the last agent mentioned anywhere near her lunatic father.

Mack questions Bobbi about her rekindled romance with Hunter. The two of them know something that Hunter doesn’t. Bobbi wants to keep it that way. Simmons opens up about what happened with Fitz and all the confused feelings she had since they were both left for dead. The two former best friends finally have a chat. It doesn’t go well. Fitz reveals that he can’t work with Simmons anymore. He’ll leave her alone in the lab while he works in the garage with Mack.

Bobbi’s San Juan contact, Diego, is running late for their meeting. She uses the delay as chance to bring up her concerns to a remarkably relaxed Coulson. Bobbi worries they may be there to do something other than destroy the weapon. Coulson assures that he’s there to save the world with zero collateral damage. As the team works to gain access to the hidden city, a story of the haunted fort tower where they are digging is revealed.

As the team in Canada works to rescue Raina, Skye gets into a wicked brawl with Agent 33, who gets the upper hand until Hunter jumps in to help. Moments later, Raina reveals that she can hold the Obelisk without harm coming to her. Once she realizes Hydra has the device, she tries to flee. May plows into the bad guys with a van. Raina will be hanging with the S.H.I.E.L.D. team a little while longer. Agent 33 lets Whitehall know that their prey got away but at least she has a tracker on her.

Raina tells Skye that her father is quite misunderstood. She claims she was a lost soul before she met him. She lets Skye know that the only thing her father wants is her. Raina further reveals that the Obelisk/Diviner was left so that the worthy would inherit the earth. Their conversation has Skye believing that something bad is about to happen. She tries to contact the field team but the signal is blocked. It’s Hydra.

Four QuinJets surround the cloaked airbus. Ward and a team of agents come aboard. They want Raina. Skye, too. If she doesn’t go with them, they all die. Skye assures May that whatever happens, she can handle herself. Raina reminds her bring along her tablet—the one with the map of the hidden city.

Mack is lowered into the area that leads to the secret city. He touches the ground to reveal an alien symbol. It glows red. The same alien symbol rises from Mack’s flesh. He’s in extreme pain. The team pulls Mack to the surface. His eyes glow red. He warns the others to run just before he violently lashes out at them. An icer has no effect. Fitz holds a gun with real bullets on Mack. He can’t shoot. Bobbi shocks Mack to the point where he falls into the hole. Coulson orders it to be sealed.

Agent 33 briefs Whitehall that Ward succeeded in his mission. They have Raina. Ward also took Skye claiming she is an insurance policy. Whitehall is curious about this. He’s also disturbed to learn that Ward didn’t destroy the S.H.I.E.L.D. airbus, as was the plan. He wants Agent 33 to handle it, so she gives the order to shoot it down.

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