Coulson Knows Best: 5 Ways Phil Coulson Is a Great Father Figure

By Lisa Weseman | Jun 18th, 2015

Celebrate Father's Day by counting down the ways Phil Coulson is a great father figure.

1. He gives a heck of a pep talk.
When Hartley and Hunter question the mission, Coulson takes a stand and says it's a make or break moment for the team. From the season 2 premiere, "Shadows."


2. He drives the coolest car ever.
In the season 1 pilot, Coulson assures Skye his car Lola can keep up in the brave new world.


3. The man can DANCE!
An undercover mission leads Coulson and May to the dance floor in the season 2 episode, "Face My Enemy."


4. He's got mad jokes.
When he sees May and her impostor face off in hand-to-hand combat, he has a classic Coulson quip. In the season 2 episode, "Face My Enemy."


5. If necessary, he can kick butt.
In the season 2 episode "The Writing on the Wall," Coulson takes down a man possessed by the alien blood.


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