S2 E08 An Affair to Surrender

07/21/14 | TV-14 | CC

April feels remorse after sleeping with Daniel. She’s mad at him for making her love him. She breaks the news to Lucy that she split up with Daniel. It’s a difficult conversation. Lucy advises her mom to not give up on him. April takes this advice to heart. She just can’t stay away from the guy.

The Daniel situation is a reality that April just can’t share with her friends. In fact, the guilt over what she’s doing has her lecturing to Karen that she’s nothing like her after she mentions her affair with Tom. A chat with Lucy has April doing some soul-searching though. She can’t let her down. That’s why she says goodbye to Daniel. She won’t be calling him again.

Toni notices the iciness Savi is experiencing with Dom. She thinks the two of them should be friends. That’s not going to happen. Savi doesn’t trust her at all. Dom is starting to though. Savi and Harry have a buyer who wants to have the kitchen remodeled before he moves in. This upsets them both. They feel it’s the best room in their house. Nevertheless, they sign the papers and Savi makes plans to move into a new condo alone. She had thought she’d be living with Dom.

Joss knows that Scott lobbed an “I love you” out there which she never returned. While sorting out shoes in his monster closet, she struggles to get the words out. Ultimately, she says them. Whew! A short time later, Joss is impressed to learn that Scott has invested in a restaurant with Greta Yeager. She’s thrilled to be offered the job of planning the opening. Unfortunately, the chef they are using doesn’t make the greatest food. Someone needs to tell Greta. Scott advises Joss that it not be her.

Joss believes the restaurant could be huge with the right chef. She thinks Harry is the man for the job. If only he wasn’t moving to Australia. That doesn’t stop Joss from stealing some samples of his food to present to Greta, who promptly offers Harry a job as her head chef. Much to Joss’s surprise and delight, Harry takes the job. She tells her sis that her ex is actually staying in L.A. and Savi tells Joss that she’s not selling the house.

Scott isn’t thrilled when Joss breaks the news about Harry. He doesn’t understand why she goes to such great lengths for this guy. Joss assures him that there will never be anything but friendship between her and Harry. The look on her face seems to indicate that she may not believe that.

Karen tells her shrink that the woman Jacob broke up with because of her is a patient. She’s advised to drop Anna immediately. Instead, Karen drops Jacob as a boyfriend. As for Anna, she calls Karen but doesn’t speak any words. All that can’t be heard on the line is crying. Then… CLICK! Karen can’t track her down anywhere. She has no choice but to tell Jacob, who says Anna actually lives in her building. That’s where they met.

Anna shows up at Karen’s place in a frantic state. She says she drove up to Joshua Tree to get away. She also tells her about her recent breakup. She’s thinking Jacob wants to get back together with her since he left her a message. Anna feels like she’s getting better. She’s dealing with her self-destructive thoughts all thanks to Karen. All of these self-confident feelings are shattered when Anna catches sight of Karen and Jacob together.

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