S2 E09 Coming Clean

08/04/14 | TV-14 | CC

Anna realizes that Karen is the reason Jacob broke up with her. She later admits that she lied about her entire past in order to get discharged from the hospital. Anna believes Karen is a dishonest person. The situation with Jacob proves that her instincts were right. Even after all this, Karen still feels she has a connection with Anna. She’s not ready to give up on her.

Karen learns that Anna fell in love with her American teacher in Korea and moved to the States with him. She was only 16 at the time. This devastated her parents. Anna got married, but she wasn’t ready to be with the man. That didn’t stop her new husband from forcing himself on her. The relationship ended. Anna has been unable to find a new one due to all the damage that’s been done. She breaks down in Karen’s arms in a breakthrough moment.

Joss’s jaw drops when she sees Harry emerge from the shower wearing nothing but a towel. She gets really uncomfortable when he playfully hugs and kisses her. She combats these uncertain feelings by setting up Harry with her friend Stephanie, who is overjoyed after they go on a date. Joss doesn’t seem all that thrilled until she learns Harry had a horrible time. She eventually fesses up that the reason she set him up is because Scott feels the two of them spend too much time together. The question is… Do they?

Savi plans a trip to Costa Rica that she hopes to take with Dom. They aren’t back together, but he did offer her the last blueberry muffin at the office. Dom doesn’t feel like their situation has changed. He wants her to be serious about their relationship and not run away on a trip together. Savi hears from Joss that the reason she sabotages her relationships may be due to unresolved daddy issues. So she makes a three hour drive to see her father.

Dom compliments Toni on her work moments before she gets a huge bouquet of flowers from another law firm trying to woo her away. Toni ends up getting the job. She believes Dom owes her a celebratory drink. He reluctantly agrees. The drinks start flowing as does the conversation. Dom is surprised to learn that Savi didn’t sell her house. Toni knows he’s angry. She tells Dom that Savi doesn’t deserve him. A short time later, the two of them are having hot, wild sex.

Savi lets her dad know that she remembers her mom asking him to not move outside of Los Angeles. She notices a picture of his stepdaughter. He overcame his fear of flying to attend her wedding. This disturbs Savi since he didn’t attend hers. She abruptly ends the visit. Savi tries to call Dom, but he’s too busy having sex with Toni to notice his phone buzzing. Then she leaves an apologetic voicemail message for Zack.

Paul calls April to say that he got mixed up with some bad people. There’s a chance he may serve jail time which means he’ll be on the news. He wanted to give April some time to prep Lucy. Things get worse when a strange man starts hanging around the shop. He follows April to her car, but she manages to drive away. Harry thinks it might be time to clue in Lucy on the situation. He knows all about how lies can devastate. April is frantic when Paul says he’s not turning himself in. She has no idea he made this call to her from right outside her house.

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