S2 E10 Charades

08/11/14 | TV-14 | CC

Dom and Toni agree that the meaningless sex they had a night ago really was meaningless and not for anyone else to know. Moments later, Savi lets Dom know that she visited her dad in an attempt to find answers. She realizes that she was disposable to him. That’s why she always chose men who needed her. Dom’s not like that. He’s together. The reason she gravitated to Zack is because she believed he needed her. Now she just wants to be with someone who wants her. She hopes that’ll be Dom, who hopes so, too.

Dom gets a disapproving look from his boss shortly after Toni has a meeting with him. He believes was giving her notice regarding her new job. That wasn’t the topic of the meeting at all. It was all about Toni’s claim of sexual harassment. There was no mention of a new job, but there does appear to be a pattern of Dom sleeping with subordinates. He’s ordered to take a seminar on harassment. The hits keep coming when a furious Savi hears about what he did.

Toni played Dom perfectly. She has laid the groundwork for future compensation should he ever do anything even mildly suggestive around her. It’s nothing personal. Dom was the newest partner so that made him the easiest target. Savi lets Dom know that they have bigger issues to deal with other than Toni. Theirs is a complicated past. Their honest chat leads to the realization that they never had a chance together. They give each other a consolatory hug.

Anna spends the night on Karen’s couch. She needs to head off to her waitress job first thing in the morning. Later in the day, a distraught Anna calls Karen in the midst of a panic attack. Her pulse is a little fast. Karen convinces her to check into the hospital and out of her dilapidated apartment. They attempt to figure things out one step at a time. Jacob can’t fault Karen for always leading with her heart. That’s why he loves her.

Harry lets Joss know that meeting Scott’s family is a big deal. Her tornado-like personality may not win over the guy’s mom. Joss and Scott get into a mini-fight about the impending get-together. The family gathering turns out to be a big, fun party. Joss has a great time and bonds with Scott’s mom instantly. All in all, it was a great day.

Joss later apologizes to Scott for how she gave him a hard time beforehand. She never had a family outside of Savi who loved her that much. It was nice. Harry tries to convince a panicked Joss that she has a good thing with Scott, who presents her with a gift. It’s a new pair of shoes. There’s something inside one of them. It’s a ring that belonged to his Grandma June. It’s an engagement ring to be exact. Scott asks Joss to marry him and she enthusiastically says yes.

April learns that the strange man who has been watching her is Agent Adam Thomas of the FBI. The guy lets her know that Paul has been working for a Cuban drug lord for over a year as a computer hacker. He backed out of deal he made with the feds to testify against the drug kingpin. All contact was lost until April received a call from him. Now the feds need her help. Savi advises her to comply so the government doesn’t come after her.

Karen believes the feds are bugging April. She offers to have her P.I. friend do a sweep of her store. Bugs are found in multiple places including Lucy’s room. April is ticked. She heads down to the FBI building to talk to Agent Thomas. When she’s led into the back offices, she’s stunned to see Daniel. He’s wearing a vest that indicates he works there. He’s FBI.

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