S2 E11 Choices

08/18/14 | TV-14 | CC

April is stunned to learn that Daniel is FBI. Their chance meeting at the art show was actually all a setup. Daniel tries to explain himself to April. It doesn’t fly. She wants out. They’ll need to find another way to get to Paul. She orders Daniel to leave her house and never come back. Another agent threatens April into playing ball with them. She has no choice but to do what he says. A short time later, she receives a cell phone with one contact number inside. She knows it belongs to Paul.

Karen is trying to help Anna get her life back on track. Jacob suggests she give her advice as a friend as opposed to a psychiatrist. They talk about the notion of Anna returning to her home country of Korea. Karen helps her friend reconnect with her mother. A short time later, Anna is on a plane heading home.

Jacob gets offered a job in Boston. He wants Karen to go with her. She’s considering the move along with the idea of leaving her psychiatry career behind. At the end of the day, Karen can’t go to Boston. She can’t leave her friends. She can’t leave her family.

Dom looks for dirt on Toni from her former employer. His boss doesn’t care that there were issues at her last firm, too. Dom is ordered to keep his head down and not make waves. That’s not an easy thing to do when Savi gets into a yelling match with him about being taken off a case. Toni witnesses the entire scene. She later advises Savi on how she can turn her situation into a monetary gain. What Toni didn’t know is that Savi was recording her. It was all a setup to bring her down. Game over.

Dom has Toni’s future in his hands. He decides to keep her on as an associate. She’s actually a good lawyer and is integral to a $50 million account. The other reason he’s keeping her on is because he’s a good guy. As for Savi, she receives the gift of a new leather jacket from Zack. It’s his way of saying thank you for turning his life around. Dinner plans are made.

Harry and Joss have three weeks to adjust to a major menu change ordered by their client, Greta. The crisis has Joss holding off on spilling the news about her engagement. She does tell her thrilled sister though. Savi’s declaration that she’s taking over all wedding planning is cut short when she sees that Scott has bought her sis a slick new sports car.

Joss lets April that she feels like she’s getting used to being dependent on Scott. His gift has completely thrown the balance of power off track. She just doesn’t want to lose herself. She suggests to Scott that they get a prenuptial agreement. Their conversation doesn’t go well. Scott doesn’t want go into a marriage preparing for failure. He tells Joss that she’s either all in with him or she’s not.

Scott later tells Joss that he’s willing to do their version of a prenup, which is him declaring that they are both equal. They playfully make a list of terms. They’ll keep their last names, they’ll have sex at least five times a week, a couple of kids are thrown into the mix and he has to say “I love you” once a day.

Harry suggests compromising on the menu with Greta, who flirts with him during their chat. He finally learns that Joss is engaged. An awkward hug is shared. Later, Harry is a lot less awkward when he has sex with Greta.

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