S2 E12 Surprise

08/25/14 | TV-14 | CC

April turns over the phone she believes Paul left for her to the two FBI agents camped outside of her house. The feds want her to keep her not-really-dead hubby on the line until they can track him down. That doesn’t happen. Her call goes to a voicemail message instantly. Lucy notices that April seems a million miles away. She’s shocked when her mom gives her the go ahead for a Lake Tahoe trip.

April is stunned when Daniel reveals that the feds are not going to put Paul into Witness Protection as promised. The hits just keep on coming when Lucy catches Daniel in her house. The FBI is setting up shop there, but Lucy doesn’t know that. She only hopes Daniel and her mom are getting back together. As for April, she seeks help from an unlikely source in Dom.

April finally gets a call from Paul. She tells him that the FBI is onto her. April is arrested immediately. She’s brought into the FBI offices where Dom is waiting. Finally, April has someone on her side. As for Paul, he’s visited by a thug who works with the bad guys he’s been involved with over the years. The two of them are going for a little ride. Paul doesn’t see the gun that’s being hidden by the driver.

Ben, the man Karen made a connection with in “What Do You Really Want,” tracks her down. This wasn’t the easiest task in the world since they met during a time when Karen was mixing with lots of men under an assumed name. Ben has shocking news. He’s HIV-positive. Karen lets her friends in on this unsettling news. Joss gives her a pep talk, but she’s still scared. Karen heads to church. It’s the first time she’s been there in many years. The visit gives Karen the courage to get a blood test.

Savi has a date with Zack. She’s nervous. The last time she really dated was with Harry. Things are extremely awkward over dinner. They decide to give it another go. This time Zack takes her to his favorite place, the Crab Shack. He’s well known at the place. He even sings with the band there, but not before giving Savi a kiss. Then he belts out a little B.J Thomas because, well, he’s “hooked on a feeling.”

The fun Savi had at dinner is dampened when she learns her car has been towed. Zack gives her lift to the impound lot on his motorcycle. Savi has a major panic attack when he goes a little too fast. Zack didn’t hear her yells from behind him. He apologizes and calls her a cab. The next morning, he apologizes again. Savi is sorry, too. She had the feeling that she was going to die on his bike. She also had a moment of clarity. The nature of that clarity is not revealed.

Joss ticks off Harry when she presses him about his amorous adventures with Greta. She tries to vent about the situation to Scott’s mom, Eleanor, whose radar goes up because she’s talking nonstop about another man. Speaking of Harry, he gives Scott some advice on the perfect gift for his fiancée. It’s a record player. This way she could play all the records her dad left for her. Scott loves it, but misses the point of the personal part by thinking it would be better to put all the tunes into a big old jukebox.

Greta moves up the soft opening of the restaurant. Joss is shocked to learn that Harry is the one who suggested it. The opening conflicts with her engagement party. This leads to a big blow-up in the kitchen. Harry unleashes a series of venomous rants on Joss, who fights back with her own angry words. It’s an ugly scene. Joss returns home to find Scott playing one of her dad’s old records on a new old-time player. He took Harry’s advice and Joss loves the gift. The two of them dance the night away.

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