S2 E13 Season 2 Finale: 'Til Death Do Us Part

09/01/14 | TV-14 | CC

The opening of Wunderbar is a rousing success. As well as things are going, Scott can’t help but notice the tension between Joss and Harry. There’s true uneasiness as they pose for a picture with arms around each other. The next morning, Harry lets Joss know that he broke things off with Greta. His heart just wasn’t in it. Yes, his heart is somewhere else. That’s why he kisses Joss, who flees almost immediately.

Savi reveals to Karen that her moment of clarity was about her life with Harry. Joss reveals to Karen that her sister’s ex planted a surprise smooch on her. She can’t have feelings for this guy. She’s engaged to Scott, who pays a visit to Harry. It’s not about the kiss. Scott has plans to surprise her with a wedding. He wants advice on whether or not to tell her friends. Harry doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Her friends can’t keep a secret, but they do look out for each other.

Savi pays a visit to Harry just as he injures his hand trying to install an air conditioner. The two of them take a quick trip to the ER. Harry has a small fracture. He’s surprised Savi waited for him. He lets her know that he doesn’t hate her anymore. The two of them agree to have drinks in the future to catch up. As for Joss, she lets Harry know that the kiss wasn’t completely his fault. That’s why she’s quitting the restaurant. Also, they can’t be friends anymore. Harsh.

Karen learns that her blood test was contaminated. She has to do it all over again. She has anger about this. That’s why she punches Ben in the mouth. Karen breaks down. She doesn’t have the results yet, but feels that everything she does to find love ends in death. She spends the night crying on her sofa. Karen gets a call from a very happy Anna, who says she saved her life thanks to the love she showed her.

Dom lets the FBI know they have nothing on April. That doesn’t stop the feds from continuing to harass and intimidate her. April wants to ask Daniel for help. That’s not going to happen, as he’s been fired. Daniel lets April know that Paul is missing. Her life may now be in danger.

Daniel hides April and Lucy away in a cabin in the woods. Things are good given the circumstances. Once Lucy is asleep, April and Daniel make love by a roaring fire. The next morning, Daniel gets a call. The mob man they were hiding from has been shot. It’s over. Paul is dead. Karen lets April know that she can finally be free to live her life with Lucy, and perhaps Daniel.

Joss’s engagement party is in full swing. Everyone is there. Everyone but Harry. He’s drinking alone in a bar. He takes notice of a fun-loving woman who lights up the room. She reminds him of someone. He races out of the bar and hits the road. At the big bash, Scott surprises Joss with a wedding dress. He wants to know if they can get married today. Joss is all in. She’s a vision of beauty as a bride. She also wonders how Scott knew about her dad’s old records.

Karen gets a call just before the wedding ceremony. She’s relieved to learn that she’s HIV-negative, but is concerned when the doctor says something else came up. Elsewhere, Lucy learns the truth about her father. She’s devastated when she realizes April kept everything from her.

Joss has a minor panic attack. She steps out on the balcony to get some air. She sees Harry standing on the grounds below. Joss rushes to catch up with him at the beach. Harry admits that he’s in love with her. Joss kisses him passionately. Savi sees Harry’s car in front of the venue. She also sees Joss’s shoes tossed on the stairs leading to the beach. She has no idea that her sister is currently laying atop her shirtless ex-husband behind some rocks on the sand.

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