S3 E01 Season Premiere: Gone Girl

06/18/15 | TV-14 | CC

We pick up immediately where last season’s cliffhanger left off. Joss’s wedding day make-out session on the beach with Harry is interrupted by the news that the grandmother of the guy she’s supposed to marry has had a stroke. She heads off to the hospital with Scott leaving Harry alone back on the sand. Joss’s prospective in-laws blame her for Grandma June’s fate. After all, she had everyone waiting out in the hot sun.

No one has heard from Savi. The fear is that she’s missing. Joss doesn’t believe it. She sends a text. Savi responds with a message that reads: “You are no longer my sister.” Joss fesses up to Karen and April that she was kissing Harry when she was supposed to be walking down the aisle. Savi must have seen them. Dom says she quit her job. Things get even more complicated for Joss and Harry when word comes in that Grandma June has died.

Joss finally blurts out that she was with Harry to Scott, who promptly asks her to move out of his house. Joss later learns that Savi was still in love with Harry. She goes on a desperate search for her sister and actually tracks down her car. Zack happens to be driving it. Savi gave it to him after he dropped her at the airport.

An intoxicated Scott shows up to beat up Harry, who doesn’t fight back. Harry later tells Joss that he’s been on the other side of this situation. Sometimes these things have to happen. Joss is very upset. She loves Harry. She wants to be with him, but now isn’t the right time. Joss later meets with Karen and April. They wonder if Savi will ever return.

April tries to comfort Lucy, who is still reeling from the news that her dad was alive before truly being dead as a result of his criminal activities. The only course of action is to come clean. So April does just that. It doesn’t go well. Lucy can’t forgive her mother for lying. She asks to go live with her grandmother. That’s not going to happen.

April invites Miranda over so Lucy can meet her half-brother, Scotty. Even with Miranda’s over-sharing brother, Marc, in the mix, the intro of young siblings turns out to be nice. Miranda reveals that she got a job on a cruise ship. Marc will be staying in town with Scotty. Lucy is thrilled about this. April…not so much.

Karen's test results reveal that she is HIV-negative. The physician, Dr. Alec Adams, asks to see her anyway. It seems she has a very rare blood type. Dr. Adams broke rules to learn this. He needs her help to save his sick wife. Karen wonders if this is all part of God’s plan. She decides to meet with the good doctor’s wife. The two women have an open, honest chat which has Karen believing fate has brought them together.

Calista Raines shows up at a hotel. She’s looking for her husband. She knows he’s there with another woman. She wants the young woman at the check-in desk to help her out. Several hundred dollar bills are set upon the counter. This is some incentive for the hotel worker to do help her catch her slimy, no good, cheating husband in the act.

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