S3 E02 I'll Be Watching You

06/18/15 | TV-14 | CC

On the second part of the season premiere, a week has passed. Joss is still feeling the aftershocks of Savi’s harsh departure. She has a run-in with a woman who steals her parking space. It happens to be Calista Raines, who offers up a hundred bucks to forget about the whole thing. Then she whips out a camera for reasons that are unclear. As for Joss, she slides a travel agent her recently-acquired C-note to get some info on Savi. It’s not money well spent.

Joss exits the travel agency to discover that her car has been towed. She freaks out on the woman who stole her space. Calista orders Joss into her car so she doesn’t ruin a stakeout she’s on for her lying, cheating husband. She then offers a ride to the tow yard. During the journey, Joss realizes she’s talking to one of her all-time favorite fashion designers. The two ladies bond over their recent family woes.

April and Karen each receive a postcard from Savi. The message is simple. She’s alive and living in Italy. Neither of them are to tell Joss, who finds out anyway. Later, Calista enlists Joss’s help in catching her husband in the act of cheating. She needs photographic proof of an affair so she can divorce and still keep her fortune. Things are going well until Joss gets a false alarm call from Italy. She misses the photo op.

Calista understands why Joss failed in her mission. She convinces her that she can go on without Savi. This chat persuades Joss to delete a lengthy email she was planning to send her sister asking for forgiveness. Moments later, she gets a call from Harry. He thanks her for all that she’s done for him in the past. The two of them really miss each other.

April finds herself trying to get slacker Marc on the right track. She offers to buy him new bed sheets. Too bad Marc is more interested in picking up a worker in her store. He’s not very appreciative of April’s help or her lectures. The two of them have a falling out. April later offers to help Marc out with Scotty. She proposes they all live together for a while. Lucy is thrilled, but is still being cold toward her mom.

Karen’s blood is scheduled to go into Vivian Adams for stem cell procedure. She pays a visit to her come treatment day. The two of them have a candid discussion. It helps Karen realize a fear she has about being dropped by her group of friends now that Savi is out of the picture. After all, she was the glue. April assures Karen that she’s her friend forever. She and Joss surprise her by joining her at a church service because that’s what friends do.

Harry meets Ellis Boone, Greta’s total tool of a silent partner in Wunderbar. The guy fires most of the staff as he prefers the workers be somewhat hotter than the old crew. Ellis lets Harry know that he’s now majority owner in Wunderbar. In other words, he’s the boss. When a party of VIPs arrives at the restaurant, Harry makes it known that the boss can’t survive without the chef…or his old staff. A short time later, Harry meets Calista Raines. He doesn’t know her, but she’s certainly heard a lot about him.

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