S1 E01 Pilot

06/03/13 | TV-14 | CC

Savannah "Savi" Davis (Alyssa Milano) meets a handsome man at a hotel bar. After a few minutes of flirting, the two of them end up in a hotel room. This was no chance meeting. It was just some role playing to help Savi and her hubby, Harry (Brett Tucker), get in the mood. The two of them are trying to make a baby. They’ve been trying for some time now.

Josslyn Carver (Jes Macallan) is Savi’s free spirit sister. She’s a real estate agent who is sleeping with her married boss. Well, they don’t really sleep. It’s all sex. That’s the way Joss likes it. Why else would she order her illicit lover to never leave his wife? Josslyn is trying to sell a house to a lesbian couple. Her bossman lover offers to make the home she’s trying to sell their own personal love nest. The place is gorgeous, but the lesbian couple won’t be moving in anytime soon. Neither will Josslyn out of fear of becoming a kept woman. She, instead, moves in to big sis Savi’s pool house.

Karen Kim (Yunjin Kim) is a psychiatrist who has fallen for one of her patients, Thomas Grey (guest star John Schneider). The two of them are in love. Unfortunately, Thomas is sick. He’s dying. We jump ahead to Thomas’s funeral. Savi’s law firm had ties with the guy, so she hitches a ride to the ceremony with her flirty colleague Dominic Taylor (Jason George). She runs into her good friend, Karen, at the church. It’s been awhile since these two have seen each other. Karen had been spending lots of time with Thomas, who asked her to help him die when the time came.

Thomas’s wife, Elizabeth (guest star Penelope Ann Miller), introduces Karen to her son, Sam (Erik Stocklin). The young man wants to know if his dad’s therapist knows anything about the woman his father was having an affair with. Karen avoids the issue by attending the birthday party for the daughter of their other close friend, April Malloy (Rochelle Aytes), who is still dealing with the passing of her husband. She believes that prank phone calls she’s been getting are from her long-dead love.

A handsome single dad, Richard, drops off his daughter at the birthday party. He’s charming enough to make April a little giddy. She accepts his invitation for a date. In other news, Sam Grey shows up at Karen’s office. He wants to know if she was his dad’s lover. Karen denies that she was. She also sees how much pain Sam is in. The kid thinks his dad may have died hating him. Karen later learns that Elizabeth Grey gave her husband a lethal dose of drugs she prescribed when the end was near.

Savi gets the news that Harry’s low sperm count is the cause of their inability to have a child. She also has a problem at work that needs to be dealt with ASAP. Dominic notices her hot little undergarment when Savi’s dress rides up a bit. He offers to do his colleague’s work for her if she’ll give him another sneak peek. Savi agrees. She uses her free time to try to seduce her husband. That doesn’t go over well. Harry isn’t feeling like much of a man after the earlier doctor’s appointment.

April gets another ghost call. It freaks her out enough to cancel her date. She ends up spending the evening with her friends as Karen reveals the details of her affair with Thomas Grey. She’s upset because he chose to be with his wife at the end. Savi lets her friend know that she needs to cut ties with the family, but Karen feels Sam needs her. She convinces the distraught young man that his dad loved him. They share a long hug. Sam later shows up at Karen’s office with thank you flowers. He’s looking for more than therapy.

Savi helps April track down the source of the prank calls. They’ve been coming from a hotel room. The woman inside says her young son must have been doing it. This is a relief to April, who now knows it’s time to move on. She makes a second date with Richard until the woman she met at the hotel shows up at her front door with her young son. Her name is Miranda. She claims she and April’s husband were in love. A horrified April stares down at the young boy who appears to be her late husband’s love child.

Savi tries to get Harry to connect with her. It’s something she hasn’t felt in a long time. The two of them have a nasty blowup that leaves Savi in tears. Dominic offers to help out Savi during a late night work session. Savi turns down his offer, but doesn’t want him to leave. She leans in to kiss him passionately. Soon the two of them are ripping each other’s clothes off. Dominic climbs atop Savi on the desk. This time around he’s getting an extended look at what’s under his sexy coworker’s dress.

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