S1 E03 Breaking and Entering

06/17/13 | TV-14 | CC

Savi has been spending lots of time away from the office and lots of time in bed with Harry. Her MIA status at work has Dominic upset because the legal case that could put them both on the partnership track just got pushed up. They’ll need to log a lot of late nights at the office. This could be a problem for Savi, as she can’t stop staring at Dominic’s flexing forearms. A short time later, the two of them are making love as Harry steps into the room from behind. Thankfully for Savi, this was all just an erotic dream.

Elizabeth Grey lets Karen know that her son, Sam, has dropped out of college. The kid is moving into his dad’s old apartment. This newsflash has Karen worried. What if she left something of hers behind? Karen sneaks into Thomas’s old apartment. While searching the place she remembers all of the good times she had there. Her trip down memory lane ends abruptly when Sam shows up. Karen is able to sneak out the door before he sees her. Unfortunately, she leaves her sunglasses behind. Not good. Karen realizes the reason she can’t sever ties with this family is because she’s not done with Thomas.

April avoids calls from Miranda while trying deal with cute dad Richard’s snubbing of her. It’s understandable. April blew off the guy twice. She tries to explain herself to Richard, who is surprised to learn that she’s a widow. He thought she was divorced. April really likes this guy, but he’s not showing any interest in her. In other news, Savi wants to go on a romantic trip with Harry, but their financial situation makes that impossible. At work, she lets her boss know that Dominic is capable of handling their case on his own. Her plan backfires as the bossman boots Dom off the case so Savi can fly solo.

Josslyn’s real estate firm is bought out by a suave Frenchman named Olivier Dubois. The guy is oozes indifference towards her. He lets Joss know that it’ll take more than a low-cut dress to impress him. This was never the case with her old boss. Joss believes there’s hope that her new boss isn’t gay when he invites her to dinner at a hotel. However, Olivier doesn’t have romance on his mind. He wants Joss to know that he’s redistributing her long list of accounts unless she can sell a bizarro house above the Sunset Strip. Joss decides to embrace the gaudiness of the place by throwing a trendy open house party.

Harry caters the kickin’ hipster affair. Olivier lets Joss know that it’ll be all the easier to fire her if she doesn’t sell the house after this expensive bash on the company’s dime. April is shocked to see Patrick at the party. He’s there with his pal, hoops star Lamar Odom. Patrick is a sportswriter. He’s also not interested in pursuing things with April. He finds her strikingly beautiful, but he also realizes she has unresolved feeling regarding her dead hubby. Karen invites her colleague, Jacob, to the party, but rushes out when she gets a call from Sam. He’s in the hospital.

Karen picks up Sam after a car accident where alcohol was involved. She learns he returned the pair of sunglasses he found at his dad’s place to his mom, who now knows her hubby was having an affair. Elsewhere, Joss lets Olivier know that she didn’t get an offer for the bizarro house. She got three. Looks like she’ll be taking back all her properties and she’ll be wearing whatever the hell she wants to work. Savi finally makes up with April. That’s the good news. The bad news is that she hasn’t been feeling well lately. A positive home pregnancy test gives her an indication of why.

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