S1 E04 A Kiss Is Just a Kiss?

06/24/13 | TV-14 | CC

Savi finds out that she is officially pregnant. This would be good news if only she could be sure who the father is. There’s a chance her coworker is the baby daddy. Speaking of Dominic, Savi needs him to cover for her at work. That should be easy since he’s been prepping for the case in question for a year before getting the boot. The reason Savi was a no-show in court is because she’s getting info about paternity tests. The doctor lets her know there’s a non-evasive DNA test that will determine the baby’s father. All she needs is a hair sample.

Savi’s boss boots her off the court case. She still doesn’t want to be around Dominic even though he desperately wants to talk to her. Later, Savi asks Harry if he’ll always love her. After all, that was the arrangement when they got married. Harry assures his wife that they’re past all their problems now as they give each other a passionate good morning kiss. Then Savi sneaks away to swipe Harry’s razor blade for the DNA test.

Joss is becoming very chummy with her lady-loving client, Alex. She’s shocked to learn that her new BFF was once into guys. Joss admits that she’s been in threesomes, but has never had a girlfriend. In fact, she’s never had many “girl” friends either. That’s only because she tends to sleep with their boyfriends. It happens. Alex’s main lady, Sally, thanks Joss for keeping Alex busy. This busy work includes attending lesbian parties together. Joss tries to be a good wing-woman when she poses as Alex’s girlfriend. She plants a kiss on her gal pal. This makes Alex very uncomfortable. She rushes out of the party.

Harry makes Joss an “I’m sorry you lost your friend three-cheese grilled cheese.” It may be the saddest-sounding sandwich ever. Looks tasty though. Joss is about to chow down when there’s a knock on the back door. It’s Alex. She’s in tears after breaking up with Sally. She didn’t know where else to go. Alex spends the night. Joss says she can stay there as long as she wants. Alex lets her know that she’s a good friend. This brings a smile to Joss’s face.

Karen finds Sam Grey’s wallet on the floor of her car. She just can’t get away from this kid. Sam invites Karen into his dad’s old pad when she swings by to return the wallet. He shows her the reason he dropped out of college. It’s a camera that his dad bought for him. He believes that he was meant to be a photographer. Sam’s dad left him a note about pursuing his passion. Karen believes the passion Thomas personally found was her. She can see her former lover as clear as day in the form of his son as he makes something to eat. Karen decides to stay for dinner.

Karen reveals that the reason she’s being so nice to Sam is because she feels like he needs someone. He could say the same thing about her. The two of them get very close to each other while reaching for some glasses. Karen’s mind is racing. She fakes an excuse to leave, but Sam plants a kiss on her before she can escape. Karen pulls away after a beat before hastily exiting the apartment. A frustrated Sam pushes the lovely dinner setting onto the floor. CRASH!

Bob Johnson is an attorney representing Miranda. He shows April a file proving that her dead hubby is little Scotty’s biological pop. Miranda wants child support otherwise they’ll go to court. April doesn’t want to put her daughter through that. She meets with Miranda, who claims Paul was going to end his marriage. Their conversation ends abruptly when Scotty gets hurt. The two ladies rush him to the ER. Miranda doesn’t have any insurance so April covers the cost.

April waits around to make sure Scotty is okay. He is. Miranda says this whole thing would be a lot easier if the woman she’s trying to get money from wasn’t such a good person. April is starting to believe that Miranda may not be as horrible as she originally thought. She’d be wrong about that one. Miranda pays off her alleged attorney in cash. The guy’s not a lawyer at all. He’s an actor. Miranda didn’t want to use a real attorney because they ask too many questions. Uh oh.

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