S1 E07 All In

07/15/13 | TV-14 | CC

April is packing up her ex-hubby’s things. She’s having a hard time selling off part of her store even though it means she’ll finally be free of Miranda. Richard’s offer of a dinner date cheers her up. He asks her to go away with him to Santa Barbara for a few days. That means telling the kids the truth about them dating. This has April worried. It’s been just her and Lucy for the past three years since Paul died. It’s been hard. She still thinks she sees Paul from time to time. This happens again when she spots what looks to be her deceased hubby staring at her from across a busy street.

April is freaked by what she thinks she saw. Joss writes it off as nerves because things are starting to get serious with Richard. April tries to get some closure by airing out her feelings to Paul at his gravesite. She’s finally able to let go. April tearfully removes her wedding ring. She places it atop his headstone and says goodbye. She phones Richard to let him know that she’s all in regarding Santa Barbara and telling the girls. Her good feelings about finally being free from her deceased philandering husband are short-lived when there’s a knock on her door. Paul is standing on the other side very much alive.

Harry’s business associate has him realizing how much Savi supported him over the years while he launched his restaurant. He lets his wife know that he thinks she should keep her job. This is shocking news to Savi because she thought they were headed for divorce. She lets Dominic know that she’s staying at the firm. The two of them agree to steer clear of each other as they both pursue a partnership position. This means they both need to schmooze it up at an upcoming retirement party. Much to Savi’s surprise, Harry offers to go with her.

Harry runs into Dominic at the bar. Things are awkward to say the least. Then they are violent. Dominic is socked in the jaw by Harry after offering congratulations about the baby. He now knows that Savi has no idea who the father is. Harry goes MIA for awhile. When he returns, Savi asks him where he is with everything that’s happening. Harry does feel better having decked Dom. If nothing else, Savi’s glad about that.

After her blowout with Savi, Joss moves in with April. She’s thrown for a bit of a curveball when she realizes her boss, Olivier, is interested in Alex. Joss gets a little tipsy during happy hour. She gets into a tiff with Alex after trying to use her to turn on some guys in the bar. Joss apologizes later and opens up about the fight she had with her sis. Alex wants her gal pal to know that she’s there for her. So is April, who wants her to make amends with Savi. Joss isn’t ready for that, but she is ready to move in with Alex for awhile.

Karen knows that Sam Grey is hurting but also fears he’s taking his schoolboy crush too far. She runs into Anthony Newsome while shopping for a home security system. The guy is officially off the Thomas Grey case though he’s curious as to why Karen changed her mind about whether or not her patient was suicidal. Karen’s explanation satisfies him. It looks like these two are parting ways forever until Karen asks him to help fix the new security system. She’s nervous because Sam keeps calling her home phone and hanging up. She’s also been hearing strange noises at night.

Anthony gives Karen the 411 on his life. He’s a good guy who carries a lot of baggage from his days as a cop. Anthony is definitely interested in Karen personally, but she fears making a mistake with him since the Thomas Grey investigation is still not officially closed. Anthony gets the hint, but Sam Grey apparently has not. He’s camped out across from Karen’s house in his car watching her from afar.

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