S1 E10 Indecent Proposals

08/19/13 | TV-14 | CC

Savi’s showerhead has a leak. This is just one more thing that’s falling apart in her life. Harry used to take care of all these little problems, but he lets his estranged wife know she’s on her own now. Dominic, on the other hand, is more than willing to hang with Savi. He lets a disapproving Joss know that he can be a pretty persuasive fellow. Dom does his charming best to make Savi feel she’s special. He lets her know that she has what it takes to be a fine single mom. She just needs to enjoy life’s little surprises.

Harry’s business is tanking. Serious changes need to be made or the place will go under. His partner, Jeff, tries to get his pal to appreciate the seriousness of the situation. But Harry has other things on his mind. He can’t stop thinking about Savannah. Harry swings by the house to fix the shower. He looks like he’s been punched in the gut when a giggling Savi and Dom come walking through the front door. Timing is everything, right?

April just about blows a gasket when she sees Paul hanging out by Lucy’s school. Her formerly-deceased hubby breaks down in tears saying he wants to see his daughter. Richard believes Paul is playing April to get what he wants. So he decides to pay the guy a visit in his hotel room. The two men talk things out like civilized human beings. Then they duke it out like a couple of heavyweight sluggers. April is furious with Richard, who feels like she doesn’t really want to be involved in her life.

April shows up at Paul’s hotel room. She has a big photo album filled with pictures of Lucy. If Paul wants to see his daughter, this is how it has to happen. April goes through all the memories from the past three years. Paul appreciates that she still puts his stocking up at Christmas. They also bake a red velvet cake on his birthday. April is obviously affected by the emotions Paul is exhibiting.

Olivier wants Joss to entertain some prospective clients from New York. The couple is very cosmopolitan, so they need to taste of the L.A. nightlife. Joss lets her boss know that she already has plans with her girlfriend, but she maps out a game plan for an unforgettable evening for Olivier to navigate himself. But when Alex falls ill, Joss tags along with Olivier to help woo the prospective clients away from the Big Apple. The sexy stage show they all take in at a kickin’ club seems to do the trick.

Olivier lets Joss know that the New Yorkers are officially her new clients. This is just before he lets her take a spin in the DeLorean he’s been driving. The guy is a big Back to the Future fan. After a quick jaunt around town, Olivier asks his employee if she’d like to join him for a nightcap. That’s not gonna happen. Joss just isn’t feeling the power of love.

Karen is furious that Savi won’t reveal the details of the lawsuit being filed against her. Sam Grey lets her know that his mom is out for blood. He’s shocked to learn that Karen doesn’t even have a lawyer yet. A short time later, Natalie Wade shows up announcing she’s Karen’s new attorney. Sam is behind the meeting. He wants to help. He’d do anything for Karen, who can’t resist her dead lover’s son’s attraction any longer. The two of them share a gentle kiss that leads to a night of passion.

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