11 Things You Need to Know for Season 3 of Mistresses!

By Jim Donnelly | Jun 18th, 2015

Before we can dive in to all the cool New Shows coming this fall, we need to embrace the summer heat headed our way on Mistresses. We’ve put together a list of 11 things you need to know, including several sizzling scenes you need to see again, to help you catch up and prep up for the Mistresses Season 3 premiere of Mistresses June 18, 2015 9|8c!

#11 Party On: Joss and Harry teamed up in a party planning venture. Things were bumpy from the get-go, but these two ended up as a pretty good team professionally. Personally, things took an unexpected turn.

#10 That Toni’s a Tiger: Savi survived a violent car crash, but the baby she was carrying did not. She moved away from Harry which made Team Dom fans very happy. Things were going okay until a new lawyer joined the firm. That would be Toni with an “i.”

#9 Art Lovers: April met a “sexy smoldering” guy at an art show and ended up having sex with the guy in his studio the next day. Taking things slow is so overrated.

#8 Feeling Lonely: After the death of Sam Grey, Karen's loneliness overwhelms her. She takes on a patient, Anna, who leads a double life as escort. She begins using assumed names to have one night stands with men she picks up in bars.

#7 Crash Friendship: Savi enters into a friendship with Zack, the driver of the car that crashed into her. The two of them share a bond of survival even after Savi is warned that this could be dangerous.

#6 If the Shoes Fit: Joss begins a relationship with plastic surgeon Scott, who is really into women’s shoes. The doc doesn’t wear them, he just loans them to the ladies he beds.

#5 Love Triangle: Karen dates her former business partner, Jacob, who actually dated Anna. This little love triangle eventually evaporates. Anna returns to her home country and Jacob moves to Boston.

#4 Taking Down Toni: Savi and Dom join forces to expose the scheming Toni to the rest of the law firm, but their relationship is still pretty much over.

#3 Formerly Married to the Mob: April discovers that sexy smoldering Daniel is part of the FBI team trying to bring in the criminals associated with her ex-hubby, Paul. Danny boy is fired as a fed, but ends up protecting April from the mob men who ultimately kill Paul.

#2 What’s Up, Doc?: Karen fears her brief bout with promiscuousness may have led to her being HIV-positive. She’s not sick, but the doctor does have other news for her. Not sure what it is yet. Check out this montage which has both Karen and April at crossroads.

#1 You May Now Kiss the Bride-to-Be: Joss and Scott get engaged, but the bride-to-be wrestles with some undeniable feelings she has for Harry. These feelings come to a head on her wedding day as Joss and Harry have an impromptu make-out session on the beach with Savi headed in their general direction. Will she see? Find out in Season 3!

Now that you're all caught up, let's take a sneak peek at the Mistresses Season 3 premiere. There is a new mistress in town. Meet Calista Raines (Jennifer Esposito)!

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