S1 E09 Fizbo

11/24/09 | TV-PG | CC

Luke's birthday falls right around Thanksgiving, so it usually gets lost in the holiday shuffle. But this year Phil and Claire decide to have a blowout bash since the whole family is going to be together for the first time in a long time. Sounds like fun, right? Then why does somebody end up in the emergency room?

Phil goes all out with oversized rentals of things like a bounce house, a rock climbing wall and a snow-cone machine. Claire has a simpler idea of fun as she sets up an arts and crafts table. She wants to make homemade beaded sheaths so kids have a place to hold their combs. Yes, Claire's a raging party animal.

Cameron wants to hire a clown for Luke's party. Mitchell puts the kibosh on that idea. But you can't keep a good clown down. Actually, Cameron doesn't hire a greasepaint-faced funnyman. Instead, he becomes one. It's something he's done before. Yes, Cam is a classically-trained Auguste clown. His stage name: Fizbo.

Mitchell is embarrassed to be seen with Cameron in his full-Fizbo ensemble, so he tells him to wait in the car while he pumps some gas. When another customer bumps into Mitchell with his car, the bully behind the wheel denies the incident and threatens violence. A big floppy foot steps out of the car and Cameron comes over to deliver a truly menacing message about manners. The belittled bully backs down and apologizes to Mitchell. Nobody messes with Fizbo's boyfriend.

Armed with a slew of Jay's jokes, Manny tries to impress a party guest. Bianca Douglas is very cute and has good handwriting. As Manny says, "She's the complete package." But Manny's comedy routine tanks and Bianca can't take her eyes off Haley's boyfriend, Dylan. Haley, on the other hand, can't take her eye of the pretty animal trainer Phil hired as "Jungle Tanya" flirts with her man.

Phil freaks a bit when Fizbo arrives, as he has a fear of clowns. He's not sure where it comes from. His mom thinks it could have something to do with the fact that when he was a kid, he found a dead clown in the woods. But really... who knows? Fizbo has one fan though when he gives Manny's wannabe honey, Bianca, a balloon animal. It's a pretty pink dog.

Now, a party's not a party until something gets broken. So pay close attention to this next run-on sentence. A jealous Haley releases the pretty jungle lady's scorpion and the intimidating insect makes a beeline to Fizbo's floppy feet causing the panic-stricken clown to freak and frighten Phil who bumps into Jay, who is showing Luke how to use his birthday gift of a crossbow, which accidentally fires an arrow into the base of the bounce house. Whew!

But it's not over yet. The inflatable house rapidly loses air trapping a debouncified Bianca inside. In an act of remarkable gallantry, Manny rushes inside (after removing his shoes, like the sign says) to pull Bianca to safety. He even goes back to rescue her dog. Her balloon animal dog, that is. Bianca is more than impressed by this heroic act of bravery. Yes, Manny Delgado is a man of action.

Amazingly, even after that incredible chain reaction of chaos, no one is hurt. Well, one person is hurt. It's the birthday boy. During the breakout of bedlam, Claire's craft table got knocked over and Luke slipped on some runaway beads. He emerges from the emergency room with a busted arm. Luke loves his new cast. He's always wanted one and can't wait until it starts to smell.

The entire family rushes to his side, with everyone eager to sign his cast. Luke is the center of attention and the entire family is together. It's the best birthday ever! Fizbo the Clown even arrives with a birthday cake in hand. This sends Phil into a state of panic as he staggers down the corridor, tripping over a wheelchair along the way. Good thing they were already in the emergency room.

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