S2 E18 Boys Night

03/22/11 | TV-PG | CC

Mitchell and Cameron reluctantly agree to let Haley babysit during their night out with friends. The camera attached to Cameron's laptop is on, so he freaks when he sees a man walk through his living room on his cell phone screen. Haley is appalled that her cool uncle feels the need to spy on her. She gives Cam a firm tongue-lashing before quickly shuffling Dylan out the door. Too bad neither of them realizes that D-money skipped off without his shoes.

Mitchell's been spending lots of time with straight people. That's why he's anxious to get back to his gay roots with pals Pepper, Longinus and Crispin over dinner and drinks. They catch site of Jay flying solo at the bar. He had popped in to grab a drink after ditching Gloria and Manny at the symphony. Mitchell is uncomfortable when his dad joins him and all his gay friends. Jay, however, is having a grand old time. Mitchell eventually gets into the spirit of things, too.

The next morning, Jay's feeling the effects of a massive hangover. He had a great time with Mitchell's pals—Pepper, in particular. The two got along so well that they made plans to head off to Palm Springs to do some record shopping, not that Jay remembers this. He wants Gloria to help bail him out, but she's still peeved that her hubby skipped out on the symphony. Looks like Jay is taking a two-hour trip into the desert. Pepper assures him that they'll get a break when they stop at the outlet malls along the way.

It's time for the Dunphy Spring Classic. That's another way of saying the entire family is engaged in a rousing game of Wiffle Ball in the front yard. The game comes to an abrupt end when Claire socks a long fly ball over the leftfield fence. In other words, it goes into the yard of their scary old neighbor, Mr. Kleezak. This game has been called on account of fear.

Luke takes it upon himself to get the ball back from the evil Mr. Kleezak. The old man tries his best to shoo away his young neighbor, but Luke doesn't ever catch the gruff guy's drift. Mr. Kleezak messed with the wrong clueless kid. It doesn't take long for these two to strike up a friendship. This has Phil and Claire a bit on edge. They have no choice but to confront their scary neighbor for themselves.

Phil and Claire fear Mr. Kleezak is dead in his chair as they make their way into his place. A quick pulse check startles the old man causing Phil to trash everything on his mantle. Mr. Kleezak is understandably upset about being fondled by Phil, but he's truly hurt when he realizes his neighbors think he may be some kind of pervert. Mr. K. tells them that their kid doesn't need to come by his place anymore.

Luke is angry at Mr. Kleezak for messing things up with his folks. The old man offers an olive branch to Phil and Claire. Actually, he offers them onions from his garden. It's the same garden we see Mr. Kleezak working on a little bit later with his old friend Luke.

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