S2 E22 Good Cop Bad Dog

05/10/11 | TV-PG | CC

Cameron is feeling a bit under the weather. Okay, that's an understatement. He looks like death curled up on a couch. This has Mitchell wondering what to do about the Lady Gaga concert they are supposed to attend together. His subtle hints about going to the show solo don't go unnoticed, but they do go unanswered.

When a heavy dose of cough syrup catapults Cam into a deep sleep, his partner sneaks off to listen to a little "Poker Face" without him. Later, Mitchell is sitting right next to Cameron when he finally awakens. It's as if he was there the whole time. Unfortunately, the flashing neon glowlights Mitchell was wearing from the concert lets Cameron know that his partner did, indeed, go Gaga without him.

Claire is tired of being the bad cop when it comes to disciplining the kids. She wants to be the fun parent for a change, so she trades places with Phil for the day. That means Claire gets to take Luke and Manny go-karting while Phil makes sure the girls clean up their bathroom. Sounds like a plan! A bad plan according to Phil. He wanted to hit the go-kart track.

Speaking of go-karts, Claire uses hers to ram Luke and Manny into a wall. There's more automotive excitement back at the house when Phil learns his daughters never cleaned the bathroom. He leaps on the hood of a moving car before Haley and Alex can make their getaway. The girls poked the bear (that would be Phil). Now the bear is about to roar back.

Alex and Haley are miserable as Phil enrolls them in an intense bathroom cleanup program. Luke and Manny aren't faring much better with the new, fun-seeking Claire. The kids are in misery, as are their folks. At the end of the day, the Dunphys realize life is better with Claire as the bad cop and when Phil gets to ride go-karts.

Gloria ropes Jay into hearing a business pitch from Guillermo, a young entrepreneur she met at the grocery store. A cute pooch named Stella is part of the presentation. That's because Guillermo has devised the "Good Doggie/Bad Doggie Training System." He gives bacon-flavored snacks to Stella when she's good and feeds her bland ones when she's bad. Too bad Stella prefers bland over bacon.

Jay gives Guillermo the brutal truth. His idea stinks and he needs to go back to the drawing board. Guillermo decides to head back to school. This means he must move in with his sisters and give away his dog. Gloria welcomes Stella into her house, then Jay ushers her right back out. But after one look into that cutie-poochie face, Jay knows Stella isn't going anywhere but back into his home.

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