S3 E02 When Good Kids Go Bad

09/21/11 | TV-PG | CC
Mitchell and Cameron agree to go low-key when they announce their plans to adopt another baby. That means a small banner, sparklers and some light musical accompaniment in the form of "Let's Hear It for the Boy" from the Footloose soundtrack. Believe it or not, that's pretty low-key for Cam. Hey, this is an exciting time. If only the guys could get Lily onboard. She's been saying things like "I hate the baby!" Uh-oh.

Mitchell's theory is that his partner coddles Lily to the point that she's very possessive of him. Cam does his best to ice out his daughter so she'll become a bit more detached. Mitchell appreciates the effort since he doesn't believe any of this is his fault. This notion is altered when the preschool teacher says Lily has a problem with sharing. Sharing has never been Mitchell's greatest attribute. Cam knows this, too.

CRASH! Claire Dunphy is down! She's surrounded by dozens of canned goods in the middle of a supermarket. There's a discrepancy as to how exactly Claire wound up amongst an array of canned peaches. She claims her hubby knocked her into the end aisle display. Phil disagrees, but Claire is adamant that she's right. The entire family mocks her because she's ALWAYS right.

Haley and Alex try to trick Luke into moving into the attic so they can each have their own room. The youngest Dunphy is hip to their game, but has been considering a change of location anyway. Luke says, "There's a line of ants going to a trick-or-treat bag in my closet and I don't want to still be there when they get tired of candy." Claire doesn't think her son will last long in the attic. Turns out she's right. Again!

After Gloria strongly defends her son to the school principal regarding a reported locket theft, Jay convinces Manny to come clean about being a jewelry thief. Mother and son head off to set the record straight. But plans change when they get to the school. Gloria breaks into the locket owner's locker to return the evidence. She makes Manny promise to never do anything dishonest again. Oh, and he can't tell Jay about any of this either.

Jay realizes Manny and Gloria never went to principal even though they refuse to admit it. That's fine. It'll only be a matter of time before Manny breaks. Speaking of breaks, there's been a break in the mystery of just how Claire fell into the peaches at the market. Video surveillance footage shows Phil clearly bumping his wife in the can which sent her into the cans. A-ha!

Everyone is amazed at the great lengths Claire went to in order to prove she was right. Apparently she's been doing this since she was five. It becomes clear that she gets this trait from her father after Jay lays a major guilt trip on Manny to get him to talk. Jay takes great joy in the fact that he was right. A-ha, again! The big family discussion leads Mitchell to announcing that they want to adopt another baby. This is great news and proof that the pure intoxicating joy of listening to "Let's Hear for the Boy" never gets old.
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