S3 E05 Hit And Run

10/11/11 | TV-PG | CC

Cameron can't control his rage when he sees a dad bringing two young kids to a movie filled with gratuitous violence. As it turns out, Cam and Mitch took a seat in the wrong theater. The dad and his kids are there to see The Muppet Movie. In Cam's defense, Miss Piggy can get pretty violent with all those karate chops. HI-YA!

BAM! The guys are rear-ended on their way home from the movies. The other driver admits fault moments before speeding away. It's a hit and run! Cameron wants to chase the hooligan down, but Mitchell has the car keys. He plays it safe by calling the police as Cam goes after the felon on foot. As you may have guessed, the guy gets away.

Claire Dunphy is running for town council. Her opponent is none other than Duane Bailey, the jerky guy who wouldn't give her a stop sign in "Door to Door." A political campaign takes time and commitment. That means Phil will have to step things up at home with the kids. No problem, right?

Phil's on duty when Luke comes in with a nasty scrape on his arm. While trying to treat the wound, Phil accidentally belts his boy in the eye. Then he accidentally gives Alex some allergy medicine that makes her super drowsy. Phil's rough day is only going to get worse once he finds out what's happening with Haley. More on that in a moment.

Claire sees her political nemesis while registering to run for office. Duane is as smarmy as ever as he does his best to intimidate Claire. She's about to give the guy a piece of her mind when the phone rings. Haley is in trouble. She collected $900 from her friends to score some fake IDs from a guy who swiped the cash. Claire's rebuttal to Duane's condescending remarks will just have to wait until the debates.

Jay is trying to impress Josh, a young kid who took over the family business. The guy is looking for a "wow" factor from the person building the closets for his new condo development. Jay's initial designs don't impress Josh. Manny is having a similar problem. His teachers seem to crave flash over substance. Gloria is desperate to solve their problems, but nobody gives her the chance.

The entire family meets up at the Pritchett place. Everyone but Mitchell believes they should have chased down the hit and run driver. Claire's upset when she learns her hubby gave Luke a shiner and drugged their daughter with allergy meds. All of the anger in the room reaches a peak when Haley's situation comes up. The men have heard enough. They're off to get back the $900.

Claire is having second thoughts about her town council run. Gloria gets her to admit that she's afraid of losing. She also convinces her to face her fears. Speaking of facing fear, the men arrive at the home of the slimy guy who stole Haley's money. He tries to make a run for it. Thankfully, Mitchell was waiting by the car. He wrestles the guy to the ground. The grass stains on his pants are a symbol of his heroic act. We're guessing he'll be reaching for the Clorox the moment they get home though.

Thanks to Gloria's pep talk, Claire decides to jump back into the race for town council. Now Gloria wants to help Jay with his problem. Her hubby knows how she can do just that. Jay has Gloria present his closet designs while wearing a low-cut top. All Josh can say is "wow." Jay gets the gig using the same exact designs he presented in the first place. Love it!

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