S3 E08 After The Fire

11/15/11 | TV-14 | CC

People have different reactions to sleeping aids. Some sleepwalk, others sleep-clown. Yes, Cameron has a tendency to dress up in full Fizbo attire after taking a little relaxation medication. Thankfully, he has all his wits about him as Jay reluctantly hands over the keys to the truck they're using to haul the donations for a neighborhood family who lost everything in a fire.

Jay would have been the truck driver if he hadn't thrown out his back. The pain is so bad that he allows Phil to give him a big rubdown. Mood music and burning sage fill the room as the massage master prepares to transport his client to a land he calls Relaxistan. Jay is about to bolt until Phil's magic fingers do their thing.

Phil has always sought his father-in-law's approval. That's why Jay thinks he's doomed when he accidentally blurts out an "I love you" during the massage. Phil quickly exits the room with the promise that they'll talk about this later. Jay worries he'll never hear the end of it. Actually, he'll never even hear the beginning of it.

Phil never caught Jay's inadvertent "I love you." He was too busy reading a text about an opportunity to partner up in his own real estate agency. It's a risky move, so Phil wants some advice from a man he trusts. Jay encourages his son-in-law to gamble on himself. After all, Jay would always bet on Phil to succeed, too.

Haley pesters Alex about changing her style as the two of them take a trip with Cam. The girls are surprised at how well their uncle can drive the truck. Cam thinks they underestimate him because he's gay. This leads to some tense moments as the big guy tries to navigate out of a very tight parking space. As it turns out, the girls never thought Cam couldn't drive a truck because he's gay. They thought he couldn't drive a truck because he's Cam.

Luke and Manny take a donated remote-controlled helicopter out for a test drive. After the chopper takes off, the boys embark on a search mission only to discover their stolen toy has been stolen from them. A band of nerd bullies refuses to give it back until Alex, who happens to be a goddess in their eyes, steps in. Haley is amazed. Alex explains, "You have your fans, I have mine. Someday, your fans are going to work for my fans."

Claire is taken aback when she learns that Mitchell has been hanging out with Gloria lately. She thinks her brother has mommy issues. Of course, she may also still be working out her own daddy issues. In truth, Claire just misses the close relationship she's developed with Mitchell over the past few years. She can also have a close relationship with Gloria if she wants. She just needs to call her early because Gloria books up fast.

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