S3 E11 Lifetime Supply

01/03/12 | TV-PG | CC

Gloria has a dream about a black mouse she saw while standing on a staircase in a meadow. She sees it as a sign that bad news is on the way. Ding dong! Someone's at the door. It's Manny's dad, Javier (guest star Benjamin Bratt). Suddenly Jay believes there may be something to his wife's dream theory.

Javier takes Manny out for an afternoon of horse racing. Jay's under direct orders from Gloria to join them at the track. The two main men in Manny's life have different philosophies when it comes to playing the ponies. Jay likes to go with the odds-on favorites. Javier believes the horses speak to him when he looks them in the eyes.

Manny cleans up by following Javier's lead. The horses aren't very chatty for the next race, so father and son take a break. Jay, however, bets big and wins big. Unfortunately, his horse gets disqualified. This is upsetting, of course. But the real reason Jay is bummed is because whenever Javier shows up, it's an unwelcome reminder that he's not Manny's real dad.

Mitchell wins an award for distinguished service in the field of environmental law. Whoo-hoo! He promptly plops the trophy up on the mantle. A short time later, a bass-catching trophy Cameron won as a teen is sitting right beside it. Mitchell believes this is his partner's way of one-upping his accomplishment. When Alex agrees with his assessment of the situation, Mitchell suddenly realizes he's been acting like a 14-year-old girl.

Mitchell decides to put all of Cam's boxed-up trophies up on the mantle. Too bad he drops the awards in the garage after seeing a mouse. A panicked Mitchell trashes most of Cam's trophies as he repeatedly kicks at the runaway rodent. Wonder if one of the awards that Mitch kicks is for soccer.

Phil's doctor wants to do a few tests as a follow-up to his annual physical. He'll call if there's anything wrong. Phil fears the worst especially after a lifetime supply of razor blades he won on a game show called Smarty Pants runs out. This quiz show venture was years ago during a time when his hair used to flop over his forehead.

Phil really starts freaking when he misses a Saturday call from his doctor, who is now incommunicado while on his way to London. Gloria shares his concern after her black mouse dream. Phil tries to soak in what may be the last days of his life by staring lovingly at his kids. Now they're the ones getting freaked out.

Phil is sure he only has a five percent chance of survival. The phone rings. It's the doctor. Before Phil answers, he assures his family that they've already given him a lifetime supply of happiness. As it turns out, the good doc was only calling about a real estate listing. Whew! Of course, Javier believes Phil still only has about six months to live. He could see it in his eyes.

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