S3 E12 Egg Drop

01/10/12 | TV-PG | CC

As part of a school assignment, Luke and Manny must design a container that can protect an egg from a one-story drop. This leads to a competition between Claire and Jay, as the two of them take over the entire project. A testing session is set up at the school to see who will win the great egg drop war. Vegas oddsmakers are calling this one a toss-up.

Both eggs survive the first-story drop in their respective containers. Claire and Jay take it up a notch (or two) on the third floor. Later, they learn that Luke and Manny tricked them into doing their projects. This leads to a heart-to-heart chat between father and daughter where Jay reveals that he loves the fact that Claire never gives up. But she probably should when it comes to egg drops after seeing Alex's old project descend from above.

Mitchell and Cameron are doing their best to charm Lindsay, a prospective birth mother for their next child. It's not easy. The guys tolerate Lindsay's rearrangement of their furniture as part of their song and dance. Then they literally do a song and dance. Elton John and Kiki Dee's original recording of "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" was good, but Mitch and Cam's version blows Lindsay away. Of course, she did feel Cam was a little pitchy.

Lindsay thinks the guys would make terrific parents. Mitchell heads off to get some sparkling cider to celebrate. As for Cam, he does another musical number in an obvious attempt to prove he's not "pitchy." Too bad the tune he picks is "If You Leave Me Now" which makes an emotional Lindsay opt to keep her baby. Cam believes his mellifluous voice cost them dearly, but Mitchell's pretty sure it was the "Baby, please don't go" lyric that did the trick.

Phil is looking to make his mark at his new real estate agency by giving a seminar for first-time home buyers. He'll talk about "The Five Keys to Investing Wisely" while saving the sixth key for his big finish. Gloria will be a plant in the audience. Her question will lead him into his "sixth key" spiel. Haley will then fire the confetti cannon. Sounds like a plan!

Gloria and Haley make use of some downtime before the big event to hit a beauty salon. Unfortunately, their car gets towed while they are inside. Phil is forced to do his entire presentation solo. Everything that can go wrong does. Phil is upset, but doesn't yell at Gloria until she prods him to do so. This makes her very happy, as she believes that you know you're loved by your family when they feel free to scream at you. Aww.

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