S3 E13 Little Bo Bleep

01/17/12 | TV-PG | CC

Lily is going to be a flower girl in a wedding. She looks like Little Bo Peep in her bright blue dress. And when we say bright, we mean her unusual outfit actually lights up. Nevertheless, Lily is utterly adorable during a practice run in the living room until she drops the F-bomb. Mitchell is in shock. Cameron is in hysterics. Apparently, the big guy has two weaknesses—children swearing and old people rapping.

The guys wonder if they misheard Lily's most recent comments. Nope! Their darling daughter is quite comfortable swearing up a storm. Mitch and Cam warn Lily that she should never say that word even though it gives one of her dads a first class case of the giggles.

Lily is put on verbal lockdown come wedding day as she flashes her way down the aisle. Unfortunately, Cameron always cries at weddings. When Lily sees her dad in tears, she feels the need to say something to make him feel better. Pretty soon, the foul-mouthed flower girl has everyone in the church laughing hysterically. Of course, the bride and groom don't look all that happy.

Stella the dog keeps jumping into the pool even though she can't swim. Jay believes Stella may be suicidal because Gloria doesn't like her. If that were true, why would Gloria jump into the pool to save Stella while wearing a beautiful dress? As it turns out, the buoyancy-challenged canine was just trying to get a squeaky toy that was stuck in the filter. Jay thinks this is hilarious, but it doesn't mean doggy suicide is anything to laugh about.

Claire's family preps her for a big debate with Duane Bailey in the race for town council. She needs to prove that she's not "angry and unlikeable." That how The Weekly Saver newspaper describes her in a poll. All Claire needs to do is lose the eye rolls, sarcasm, lip-pursing, face-touching and finger-pointing. She should also avoid showing the bad side of her face. Phil thought it was the right side, but the kids assure him it's the left.

Things go south during the televised debate once Duane brings up an incident involving his opponent's husband. In "Bixby's Back," Phil tried to surprise Claire by stripping naked on a hotel bed for Valentine's Day. Too bad he broke into the wrong room and was questioned by the police for lewd and lascivious conduct. It happens.

Both Claire and Phil try to explain things. Their comments go viral in an autotuned "Sex Freak Candidate" video. Claire is humiliated and disappointed that she didn't fulfill her desire to make her family proud. Alex assures her mom that she is, indeed, proud of her. It's nice to have another nerdy debater in the family.

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