S3 E18 Send Out The Clowns

03/13/12 | TV-PG | CC

Sometimes clowns die. We become privy to this dark reality when Cameron, in full Fizbo attire, attends the funeral of his mentor. Never have so many white-faced, big-footed harlequins seemed so sad. Only Cam's former clown partner, Lewis (guest star Bobby Cannavale) seems to be taking things in stride. These two used to be huge at kids parties until Cam disbanded the team. Lewis is still bitter.

Cameron and Lewis make nice over some post-funeral drinks. These two really do make the perfect clown comedy team. That's why they decide to put the old act together for a kiddie party. It's supposed to be a onetime thing. This is news to an angry Lewis, who beats Cameron silly with a frying pan during the show. It's hilarious to the kids, not so much for Cam.

Phil is about to score the biggest listing of his life until Mitzi Roth (guest star Ellen Barkin) steps in. Who is Mitzi Roth, you ask? Well, she's an unscrupulous real estate agent who poaches clients away from nice, ethical realtors. That's precisely what happens with Phil's dream listing. The woman is a shark. Phil has no choice but to fight dirty.

Phil borrows Luke's spy pen to record a confession from his nemesis. Mitzi admits to her underhanded ways before giving Phil a friendly hug. As it turns out, her warm embrace is only a ploy to swipe the spy pen. Mitzi is pure evil. But pure evil is no match for pure Dunphy.

Luke runs into Mitzi at the supermarket. He lets her know how worried his dad is about money. Phil shuffles his son away once he sees him chatting with the evil one. Mitzi later shows up at Phil's place to let him know that she's giving him that dream listing after all. The scene in the supermarket was completely staged by Phil and Luke to appeal to Mitzi's deeply buried sensitive side. It's pure genius. It's pure Dunphy.

One of the cool kids in school, Griffin, is coming over to hang with Manny. Jay thinks it's because the boy saw him on his cool motorcycle. Griffin is likely stopping by to be around him, not Manny. As it turns out, Jay was right. Well, sorta. Griffin isn't interested in Manny. He happens to have a little crush on Gloria. That's why the smitten kid invites the whole family over to his place for a pool party. Bring your bathing suits!

Manny overhears Jay and Gloria chatting. He knows that Griffin is only using him because he's hot for his mom. That's cool. Manny is only using Griffin to get close to the kid's cute sister. Now he doesn't feel so guilty about it. It looks like the family is going to a pool party. Manny advises his mom to dress accordingly.

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