S3 E24 Baby On Board

05/22/12 | TV-PG | CC

Lily has a big dance recital coming up. Neither of her dads can make it. There's a good reason for that. Mitchell and Cameron get a call telling them they can adopt a baby that's being born in a California border town. Since the newborn's family speaks Spanish, Gloria goes along for the ride. Cam is mildly offended. He feels he has a solid grasp of the language thanks to the telenovela he's been watching lately.

Mitch, Cam and Gloria arrive at the hospital to learn that the baby has just been born. This wonderful news gets lost amongst all the family drama taking place in the waiting room. It's as if our adopting dads have been transported into the middle of a Spanish soap opera. There are no subtitles, but lots of dramatic reveals and well-timed face slaps. Sadly, this story ends with the news that Mitch and Cam will not be getting the baby.

Mitchell does his best to comfort Cameron at the hospital. Then he's the one who needs comforting when they stop for gas during the long ride home. Mitchell is tired of getting his hopes up only to have them crushed. Cameron suggests they take a break. The two exhausted men hold hands as they rest next to each other in an open field. Mitchell ends up lying on a rock. Cam says he's lying next to his rock. Nice.

Lily doesn't want to take the stage at her recital. She misses her dads and is having trouble adjusting to the new sibling she thinks is headed her way. There's only one thing that'll get her out on that stage. She wants her grandpa to join her. Think Jay will do it? Of course he will. Manny captures the entire performance on video so the rest of the family will be able to enjoy it for years to come.

Alex is going to the prom. Haley isn't. This bums out Phil, who has great memories of the day he went to his big high school dance. Claire and Phil worry that Haley is wasting all of her time at the mall. As it turns out, their daughter has a plan. Upon the advice of her guidance counselor, she's going to take a "gap year" between high school and college. This, of course, means she'll be seeking employment at The Gap.

In addition to getting a job, Haley plans to cook dinner for her folks. It's an attempt to cushion the blow of the news that she's planning to get at an apartment with Dylan. This leads to lecture after lecture from her parents. Claire warns of the financial ramifications a decision like this could have on Haley's ability to shop. Phil warns that she's headed for life in an apocalyptic wasteland after the robot wars. We're thinking Haley's more worried about the shopping.

Luke spins the situation in a whole new direction when he reveals that Haley got an acceptance letter to college yesterday. Dylan realizes that means she can't live with him. That's cool. He'd still like to be her last-minute date to the prom. It's his way of assuring that Haley will always remember him. The two kids quickly get dressed for the big dance. They head out the door to enjoy a night that was made for memories. Of course, when you're part of a loving, modern family, just about every day is made for memories.

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