S5 E01 Suddenly, Last Summer

09/25/13 | TV-PG | CC

STORY 1: Mitch and Cam Get Engaged
When the Supreme Court legalizes same-sex marriage in California, Mitch and Cam separately decide that they want to be the one to pop the question. Secretly, they each begin planning elaborate, romantic ways to propose in a memorable way.

Memorable Quotes:

Gloria (on who proposes in a gay marriage): "So tell me, Cam, how does it work when it's between two men?"
Cameron: "I really don't feel comfortable talking about that in front of Lily."
Gloria: "I know how that works. I rented the wrong movie once. Did you see 'Glen, Garry, Glen and Ross'?"

Jay (at the courthouse): "Look at that line. Probably everybody gettin' their gay marriage license."
Manny: "I think it's just called a marriage license."

"We're gonna hear some big gay wedding bells soon?"
Mitchell (correcting her): "Well, just wedding bells."

Mitchell and Cameron (at the perfect impromptu moment for an unforgettable proposal): "Yes."


STORY 2: The Dunphys' Kid-Free Summer
After almost a full summer with the kids, Phil and Claire try to orchestrate a kid-free week before the season ends by coordinating Luke's camp with Haley's beach trip and Alex's volunteering excursion. But Claire is actually trying to get Phil out of the house, too, because "the only thing better than a kid-free week is a couple of days carved out just for mama."

Memorable Quotes:

"Sometimes, I don't know if I love how much I fear Claire or fear how much I love her."

Claire: "OK, stop! Sorry, I told your dad to call you because I wanted some time for myself. Yeah, a couple of days away from my perfect, romantic husband who is far too good for this coldhearted, bloodless wifebot."
Phil: "Hey, hey, hey, hey... You have blood."


STORY 3: Manny's Trip to Colombia
Manny is preparing for his first solo trip to Colombia to visit Gloria's family, but he needs his birth certificate to re-enter the country. Jay is more than happy to rush Manny to the local courthouse to pick up the certificate, because if Manny doesn't go to Colombia, all of Gloria's family in Colombia will come to them.

Memorable Quotes:

"Colombia is not one of your more formal nations. The guy on their money's sittin' in a lawn chair."

Manny (having second thoughts about traveling to Colombia): "I've been reading up on some of those tropical diseases -- malaria, yellow fever, rabies. I'm high risk, Jay. I'm a big handshaker!"
Jay: "You're fine. You've had all your shots. And that Paco Rabanne will scare away any mosquitoes."

Gloria: "OK, Manny, remember, as soon as you land, watch out for Malaria."
Manny: "Why? I got a shot for that."
Gloria: "I'm talking about your cousin Malaria. She's coming to pick you up, but she might have Rubella."
Manny: "What?"
Gloria: "That's her daughter, but make room in the car because she could have Diptheria.
Manny: "Who's Diptheria?"
Gloria: "Manny, diptheria is a disease! That's why I want you to be apart from her in the car!"

Lily (on Manny flying to Colombia): "What if he never comes back?"
Jay: "Oh, honey, no one ever leaves home and doesn't come back."
Lily: "I did."

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