S3 E07 Treehouse

11/01/11 | TV-14 | CC

When Cameron claims a waitress is flirting with him, Mitchell believes she's just trolling for tips. This leads to a little bet about picking up girls. All Cam has to do is get the phone number of a hot woman named Katie (guest star Leslie Mann) who is seated at the bar. This pretty lady is hip to Cameron's lame pickup moves, but she's still a good sport. Katie even gives up her phone number. Score one for the big guy!

Cameron has a first class case of the guilts for toying with Katie's emotions. He needs to come clean so she can move on with her life. A phone call won't do it. This has to be a face-to-face breakup. That's why Katie is coming over to the apartment. Cam needs Mitchell's help to un-gay the place.

When Katie arrives, she mentions that she needs a date for her sister's wedding. Cam knows he must break things off pronto. He admits that he's gay. Katie can't believe what she's hearing. She already knew her new bar buddy was gay. It's obvious. There was no need for a big dramatic speech.

Cameron fesses up about the bar bet. Remember how we said Katie was a good sport? Well, she plays the part of a scorned woman when Mitchell gets home just to make Cam look good. It's an inspired performance that ends with some tongue during an impromptu kiss. Then Katie walks out of Cameron's life forever. Well, maybe not forever. They'll probably secretly get together to see any new Julia Roberts movies.

Gloria wants to go salsa dancing with Shorty (guest star Chazz Palminteri) and his lady friend, Darlene (guest star Jennifer Tilly). Jay…not so much. That's fine. Gloria will go without him. This has Jay reconsidering his decision. He goes to Manny for a crash course in salsa dancing. The lesson doesn't go well. That's fine. Mitchell has a little orange pill for his father. If Jay takes it, all inhibitions about shaking his booty will be gone.

Shorty and Darlene are having a great time salsa dancing. Gloria, however, finds it tough to have fun without her hubby. Well, she won't have to worry about that much longer. Jay shows up to sweep his surprised wife off her feet and onto the dance floor. That little pill Mitchell gave him helps give him with some smooth salsa moves. Let's hope Jay never finds out it was just orange-flavored baby aspirin.

Haley must write an essay about the biggest obstacle she's ever had to overcome. That's going to be tough since she feels she's led such a boring, sheltered life. Claire feels it's time her daughter knew the truth about why they shielded her from the perils of the outside world. Haley is more than a little nervous now.

Claire drives her daughter into the middle of nowhere. The secret she's been keeping can be found in a message carved in a distant tree. Actually, there is no secret. Claire just wanted Haley to get out of the car so she could drive off without her. Getting home with no phone or money should bea fine obstacle to write about in that essay.

Phil wants Luke to experience the joys of neighborhood friendships while hanging out in the brand-new treehouse he's building. It's a nice thought. Too bad Luke fears for his life whenever his dad embarks on a construction project. Phil is left to fend for himself.

While up hammering away, Phil strikes up a chat with his next door neighbor, Andre (guest star Kevin Hart). These two guys both used to hang out in treehouses with their friends when they were kids. Then they grew up and everything changed. Well, not everything. When Andre offers to help build the treehouse, Phil suddenly realizes that you're never too old to make some new friends.

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