S3 E14 Me? Jealous?

02/07/12 | TV-PG | CC

Phil desperately wants to become the new realtor for a charming rich guy named Tad (guest star Greg Kinnear). He's pulling out all the stops by making a delectable salmon dinner with backup entrées of steak, chicken and shrimp. Tad has a fine time during an evening that ends with a lingering kiss planted on Claire.

Phil brushes off his wife's feelings that their dinner guest was being inappropriate. He also doesn't seem to mind when Tad pops by in the middle of the day while Claire was home alone. It's all good because Phil just landed some solid business from his man-crush. They'll work out the details over dinner. Tad insists that Claire join them at his place followed by another parting lip-lock.

As it turns out, Phil was right to not be jealous. Tad is overtly-kissy with many, many people. This new info allows Claire to loosen up. Suddenly, she's laughing at all of Tad's jokes. Now Phil is jealous. He wants to be the only one to make his wife cackle like that. Claire is thrilled by Phil's reaction. It makes her feel special that he's willing to fight for her laugh.

Haley listed herself as a Big Sister on one of her college applications, so now her folks are forcing her to follow through on this claim. Surprise, surprise! Haley actually enjoys spending time with her Little Sister. This makes real little sis Alex angry and jealous.

Luke jumps in when his two siblings get into a wicked screaming match. His declaration that Haley and Alex are both lousy big sisters brings back memories of when they all used to play together. We'll just call those the dress-up days. Haley and Alex break out the old clothes and lipstick to do up their little brother/sister in a stunning ensemble. They affectionately refer to him/her as Betty Luke.

Mitchell, Cameron and Lily are crashing with Jay and Gloria while their place is being fumigated. That's a lot of unique personalities under one roof. Gloria takes silent exception to Cameron's sprucing up of her home. Cam's not crazy about the way Lily gushes over Gloria. As for Mitchell, he's just trying to survive his dad's constant onslaught of lawyer jokes.

Jay crashes Mitchell's business meeting with radio personality Booker Bell. He's a big fan of the longtime radio prankster. Mitchell thinks this is just another example of how his dad doesn't respect what he does for a living. Jay reassures his son that he is, indeed, proud of him. As for Mitchell, he makes his dad's day when he gets his idol Booker Bell to play a prank on Jay. Guess who just got his Bell rung?

Manny tries to break the tension between his mom and Cameron by making up a personal story that applies to their situation. He's a child of divorce. Conflict resolution is his specialty. Gloria and Cam don't bite, but they do eventually come to appreciate each person's good intentions. They work in perfect harmony to create a tasty dinner for the entire family.

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