S3 E15 Aunt Mommy

02/14/12 | TV-PG | CC

Phil has been showing the same house to Steven and Stefan repeatedly. These two guys are frenemies with Mitchell and Cameron. There's some animosity because of each couple's quest to have a baby. Steven and Stefan already have their kid because they used a surrogate.

Surrogacy is not something Mitch and Cam are willing to consider until Steven mentions the swirl. That's when a mixture from both men is used to fertilize an egg so you never know who the father is. In other news, Phil inadvertently tricks Stephen and Stefan into finally buying the house. This calls for a celebration!

Claire is ready to party after realizing that her kids are a terrific mix of her and Phil. It's something that will assure their survival in the world. Claire, Phil, Mitch and Cam enjoy lots of wine over dinner. Many alcohol-induced emotions come out, as does a bold idea. Claire offers up one of her eggs to have a surrogate baby with Cameron. It's the perfect plan! Until you sober up.

Claire and Phil have a bad case of egg seller's remorse come morning. Mitchell's also having doubts. The entire family chimes in on the subject at brunch. Everyone is yelling at everyone. Mitchell and Claire escape the chaos to have a private heart-to-heart under a table. They agree to drop the egg idea. Later, Cam and Mitch spy on Lily playing in her room. They realize that she has the best of both of them regardless of biology.

Some neighborhood kids invited Manny to play football. Into order to assure that his boy makes the big game, Jay sabotages his plans to attend a play with Gloria. He figures his wife will ultimately thank him for this deception. He figured wrong.

Manny gets hit with a walloping tackle after stopping to grab a heads-up penny he found on the football field. He and his mom have been collecting them for years. Once they get to 100, they'll use all those lucky pennies to buy a lottery ticket.

Jay is moved by all the memories Gloria and Manny have enjoyed during their lengthy coin quest. He doesn't want to see it end. That's why he secretly swipes four pennies from the pile so the good times can continue. These guys may never win the lottery, but that doesn't mean they aren't one lucky family.

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