S3 E21 Planes Trains And Cars

05/01/12 | TV-PG | CC

Phil Dunphy is buying a new car. He's a little tired of leasing the same old sedan. Guess that's why he buys a snazzy new sports car after getting a little nudge from neighbor Andre (guest star Kevin Hart). All is well until they get home where everyone fears the wrath of Claire. Incredibly, the expected conniption fit never comes. Claire only voices her approval of the new vehicle in an understated, fear-inducing way.

Phil isn't sure what kind of game his wife is playing with him. There's no time to harp on her seemingly pent-up rage once he gets a call to transport some clients. Claire will gladly switch cars with her hubby as long as he picks up the kids while she runs some errands. Actually, the errands can wait. This particular sports car is better served for a drive up the coast to blow off some steam.

While driving the kids in the minivan, Phil overhears the scoop on what's happening in their lives. You can't get that kind of information tooling around in a two-seater. As for Claire, she cruises to nice peaceful spot on the beach. All of her stress completely disappears, as do her car keys in the sand. After Phil brings his wife the spare set, the two of them take a break from their busy lives to have some fun in the sun. They vow to do this more often. Phil later tries to sell the sports car to Andre, who knows his wife will never let him have it.

Jay is taking the family to Pebble Beach to meet up with a bunch of old football pals. He's kind of legend to those guys. Jay can't wait to get to the reunion. He even books a private jet for the trip. Too bad they end up driving because Gloria is afraid to fly in a device powered by rubber bands. Things get worse when car trouble strands them in the middle of nowhere. A local mechanic offers them an alternate form of transportation. It's an old-time military helicopter he restored himself. There's no way Gloria is riding in that thing either.

Jay wants to catch a train to the reunion. It wouldn't be a passenger train, so they need to prepare for a hobo-like adventure. Jay eventually lets Gloria know that his old football chums don't really see him as a legend. All that could change, however, once they meet his beautiful wife. Just like that, Gloria is inspired to get the family to Pebble Beach by any means necessary—even via an old-time military helicopter.

Mitchell and Cameron accidentally toss Lily's favorite stuffed bunny onto a departing subway car. Not good. The guys try their best figure out a way to get the bunny back. Mitchell's hesitant to put up "Missing" flyers with their phone number on it. Of course, if they do go that route, he prefers they not use the one with the photo of Lily holding her beloved stuffed pet. It makes it look like they're offering a $25 reward for their daughter.

Mitchell tries to fool Lily into thinking that bunny called to say she should find a new stuffed pal. He fails miserably. Mitch vows to make an effort to get bunny back since he's still feeling the sting of losing his Luke Skywalker doll as a kid. It was the one with the shorty robe, so it was special.

The guys tape bunny flyers all over the train station until they spot bunny in the distance. He's in the warm embrace of a homeless man. The desperate dads embark on an extraction effort that is aborted the moment the homeless guy hacks up a storm on the back of bunny's head. On the bright side, Cam finds Mitch a new shorty-robed Luke Skywalker online. Too bad Lily confiscates it immediately. The Force is strong with that one.

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