S4 E11 New Year's Eve

01/09/13 | TV-PG | CC
STORY 1: Every Night Is New Year's for Billy Dee
It's a New Year's Eve without the kids when Jay takes Gloria, Claire, Phil, Mitchell and Cameron out to Palm Springs to ring in 2013. After Gloria gets too tired, Claire and Phil sneak off to get romantic, and Mitch and Cam try to recapture their youth exploring the club scene, Jay is left alone. That is, until Jay meets Billy Dee Williams (guest-starring as himself) in a hotel poker game.


Memorable Quotes:

Mitchell: "How many times do we have to hear Claire tell us Luke's hilarious comeback to the pediatrician?"
Cameron: "We should start calling her 'Ranch House,' because she doesn’t have a second story."

Mitchell (to Cam who can't get the attention of the bartender at a gay dance club): "He probably just doesn't notice us."
Cameron: "How can he not notice us? We're the only people in here in sleeves."

Billy Dee Williams: "Hello. I'm Billy Dee Williams."
Gloria: "Hello. I'm Gloria dee wife."

Billy Dee Williams: "Every night is New Year's for Billy Dee."

Gloria (admiring Billy Dee's luxury car): "Oh my god! A classic Rolls Corniche! I have been in love with this car my whole life! In my village, if you didn't drive one of these, you couldn't call yourself a drug lord."

Billy Dee Williams (on his car): "Would you like to drive it?"
Gloria: "Does the bear sit in the woods?"


STORY 2: Adventures in Babysitting
Haley and Alex have their hands full babysitting Luke, Manny and Lily on New Year's Eve. The girls try to run interference on Luke, who's invited over classmate Becca for a makeout session. Meanwhile, Becca's cousin Joyce isn’t thrilled to be on a blind date with Manny.

Memorable Quotes:

Phil: "Haley, it's New Year's Eve, you sure don’t want to go to a party or something?"
Haley: "And listen to all my friends talk about how awesome college is? I know how awesome college is. That's what got me kicked out."

Cameron: "Lily, are you ready for your big sleepover with your cousins?"
Lily: "Who's watching me?"
Cameron: "Haley."
Lily: "I'm serious."

Alex: "Hey! You sure you don't want to play 'The Hunger Games' with all of us?"
Haley: "My whole life is a Hunger Game. Why do think I'm so mean to you?"

Manny: "Can I offer you a Piña Delgado? It's my own concoction."
Joyce: "What's in it?"
Manny: "Let's just say it's cool, it's sweet and it's not afraid to embrace its own whimsy."
Joyce: "I'm not saying that."

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