THANKSGIVING LOVE: Does Manny Still Have a Crush on Haley?

By Jason Leung | Nov 19th, 2014

In the Modern Family Thanksgiving episode, "Three Turkeys," Haley (Sarah Hyland) clearly has something to be thankful for: Manny no longer has a crush on her. Or does he? Manny (Rico Rodriguez) claims to be over Haley, but when the pair head out to buy ingredients for Phil's turkey dinner, Haley's erratic driving leads to Manny accidentally copping a feel. He does it again back at the house, and then she busts him with a pair of her undies that happened to get mixed in with the pants he just washed at her house. Manny says his crush is over, but you be the judge:

Exhibit A: Manny Cops a Feel

Exhibit B: Manny Has Haley's Underwear

Exhibit C: Manny Sneaks in a Kiss

Or could it be that Haley is losing her mojo? She definitely wasn't able to keep the other manny, Andy the male nanny (or "bro pair"), interested after she planted a kiss on him.

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