Alex Gets a Painful Makeover, Claire Gets a New Attitude

By Sharon Knolle | Jan 8th, 2015

After their van nearly collides with a truck in the Modern Family episode "The Day We Almost Died," the Dunphy women decide it's time to seize the day and make drastic changes. Of course, those changes don't last long, but their efforts to reinvent themselves are a ride almost as wild as the one that forced them to re-evaluate their lives in the first place.

Claire (Julie Bowen) realizes she's been too controlling and rushes to apologize to brother Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson). She forces him to play hooky from work and go rollerskating on the beach; he points that her "letting go" is just her being her usual controlling self. She also decides it's high time he confront a childhood fear of skating through the tunnel, a move that goes horribly wrong. 


Post-accident, Alex (Ariel Winter) decides Haley (Sarah Hyland) isn’t as superficial as she’s always thought. She decides to give up her usual judo class and let Haley give her a makeover instead. Alex gamely undergoes waxing, wearing high heels and having her glasses confiscated, only to learn that Haley is just as shallow as she always thought. That's when knowing judo comes in handy.

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