Can Mitch and Claire Work Together?

By Sharon Knolle | Feb 5th, 2015

Can the "Office Nag" reinvent himself? On the Modern Family episode "Rash Decisions," Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) is freelancing at Pritchett's Closets for a few days, where he abandons his usual uptight ways to become "Laidback Mitch."

Claire (Julie Bowen) is alarmed to see that Mitch is now the most popular guy at work, while she learns, to her horror, that everyone hates her!

Claire knows why she's so unpopular: Jay (Ed O'Neill) is always forcing her to do his dirty work. As she resigns herself to telling the new girl -- the one employee who likes her -- that she's dressing inappropriately, Mitch rushes to her rescue. "Ahh, that feels good," he sighs as he lays into everyone who hasn't been toeing the line at work.



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