Magician Penn Jillette Teaches Phil Card Tricks

By Sharon Knolle | Feb 19th, 2015

On the February 18 Modern Family episode "Fight or Flight," Claire (Julie Bowen) selfishly grabs a first class upgrade for herself, but Phil (Ty Burrell) lands the best seat on the plane when his seatmate ends up being magician Penn Jillette. 


Mad that Phil subjected her to a weekend in the woods with his old cheer buddies, Claire is enjoying the luxuries of first class and her generous seatmate, who hands her an extra pillow, chocolate and insists the stewardess bring them both wine. And then the seatmate shows her true colors as a "cheese-eating racist." Meanwhile, Phil's potential nightmare in coach turns into a dream seat when he learns he's seated next to famous magician Edward LeGrand (Jillette) and a masseuse!

Claire's Seatmate From Hell|Claire snags a first class upgrade but soon regrets it.|Claire (Julie Bowen) is quick to grab a first class upgrade, leaving Phil (Ty Burrell) to suffer in coach, but soon the tables are turned. From Season 6, Episode 15 of Modern Family, "Fight or Flight." ABC WEDNESDAYS 9|8c.



When Claire comes back to coach to ask Phil to switch, he's not about to give up a good thing, so he lies that he's more miserable than she is and hey, isn't that some turbulence? Everyone better get back to their seats! 

Phil Won't Switch Seats With Claire|Phil pretends his seat is worse than Claire's.|Miffed that Claire (Julie Bowen) upgraded to First Class without him, Phil (Ty Burrell) refuses to give up his surprisingly great seat in coach with a magician (Penn Jillette) and a masseuse. From Season 6, Episode 15 of Modern Family, "Fight or Flight." ABC WEDNESDAYS 9|8c.



When Claire finds out what a sweet situation Phil is really in, she wants no part of LeGrand's card tricks (even though he cleverly managed to hide the Ace of Spades in her pocket). "Stick it, Kreskin," she says as she tears up the card and heads back to first class hell. Phil apologizes, but there's no need: LeGrand amazes him with a completely intact Ace of Spades!

Claire Busts Phil’s Plane Party|Phil’s getting massages and learning card tricks.|Trapped with a "cheese-eating racist" in First Class, Claire (Julie Bowen) is furious to learn that Phil (Ty Burrell) is having the time of his life learning card tricks from a magician (Penn Jillette) and getting a massage in coach. From Season 6, Episode 15 of Modern Family, "Fight or Flight." ABC WEDNESDAYS 9|8c.


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