Jay's Iguana Golf Statue from Mexico

By Jason Leung | Oct 8th, 2014

For their honeymoon, Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet) go to Mexico. Mitchell never gets sick, but he catches a chill that he suspects happened because his socks got wet at the beach. Back at home, Mitchell gives Jay (Ed O'Neill) a souvenir Iguana Golf statue from Mexico along with a case of bronchitis. Jay isn't sure which is worse.

Find out how the cold spread across the entire family, and see Jay explain his iguana souvenir from Mexico.

From Episode 3 of Modern Family Season 6, "The Cold."

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Sneak Peek: Everyone's Sick|From "The Cold" airing WED OCT 8 9|8c.|Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) never gets sick, but after his socks got wet at the beach on his honeymoon in Mexico, he caught a chill. Claire (Julie Bowen), Cam (Eric Stonestreet), Jay (Ed O'Neill), Gloria (Sofia Vergara), Manny (Rico Rodriguez) and Haley (Sarah Hyland) all share their horror stories of getting infected by Mitch. From Episode 3 of Modern Family Season 6, "The Cold." ABC WEDNESDAYS 9|8c.