Eric Stonestreet Talks Games, Pranks On Jimmy Kimmel Live

By Sharon Knolle | Jan 22nd, 2015

Is Eric Stonestreet just as competitive as the character he plays, Cameron? Maybe! As a guest on the January 20, 2015 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Eric played a game called "Name That Thing" with Arrow star Stephen Amell. Is one of Eric's answers an homage to "Modern Family Feud" on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where Sofia Vergara answered "Boobs?"


Eric also told Jimmy about his rules for playing his favorite board games, like Balderdash.

Eric Stonestreet on Being Competitive|Eric talks about being competitive.|Eric talks about being competitive and reveals some of the crazier nights he’s had playing board games.


He also shared the latest X-rated prank he played on TV husband Jesse Tyler Ferguson that ended up involving The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons.

Eric Stonestreet on Pranking Jesse Tyler Ferguson|Eric talks about a prank he played on a "Modern Family" co-star.|Eric talks about a prank he played on "Modern Family" co-star Jesse Tyler Ferguson.


Eric explained why he won't attend the Super Bowl this year: His beloved Kansas City Chiefs won't be playing. He also talked about how and other Kansas City celeb fans -- Paul Rudd, Jason Sudeikis, Rob Riggle and David Koechner -- have bonded despite attending rival Kansas colleges.

Eric Stonestreet on Football|Eric explains why he won’t be attending the Super Bowl.|Eric explains why he won’t be attending the Super Bowl and talks about being a huge Kansas City Chiefs fan.