Availble Now! New Original Song from Marvel's Agent Carter

By ABC Music Lounge | Mar 21st, 2016

Watch the musical dream scene from Agent Carter featuring "Whatcha Gonna Do (It’s Up To You)" by show composer Chris Lennertz!


Award-winning composer Christopher Lennertz collaborates with Tony winner and two-time Oscar nominee David Zippel to write the original song, “Whatcha Gonna Do (It’s Up To You)” for Marvel’s Agent Carter.

Notes from Chris Lennertz on scoring the musical dream sequence:

"As if scoring a period action piece about one of the most amazingly powerful female characters in the Marvel Universe isn’t enough of a dream job, I was so excited when producers Michele Fazekas and Tara Butters mentioned the possibility of doing a musical number this season. I had also spent the last 2 years co-scoring the musical adventure Galavant with the legendary Alan Menken and was thrilled to be able flex those muscles on Carter. Once we decided on the scenario and made the decision to have the song be part of a full dance number in a dream sequence where Peggy has to explore her true feelings about both men in this season’s love triangle, I was off and running. 

I brought on Broadway legend David Zippel to write the lyrics and Grammy-Winner Chris Walden to do the arrangement and worked with our choreographer from Dancing With The Stars to make sure that we crafted the song to not only tell our story but also highlight our fantastic leads and phenomenal dancers. Enver and Haley recorded their vocals and proved they were true triple threats as well! James Darcy and the rest of the cast danced their hearts out. Then after the scene was shot and edited together, we recorded the Hollywood Studio Symphony at Warner Brother’s Eastwood stage. It was a dream come true and I thank everyone who worked so hard to put it all together and our producers for having the vision to make it happen!"

- Chris Lennertz 


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