Brown Bird

By ABC Music Lounge | Oct 1st, 2015

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The recent premiere of Blood & Oil featured a number of fantastic songs, but one in particular held a special significance to us. It is the song featured in the above clip, called "Danger and Dread" by the band Brown Bird

We have been fans of Brown Bird for years and were thrilled that we were able to utilize their song in this episode. The band was a husband & wife duo that sadly came to a premature end in 2014 when Dave Lamb died of Leukemia. We reached out to MorganEve, Dave's wife and bandmate, and she was kind enough to provide us with the following thoughts:

Since Dave passed in April of 2014 at the age of 36, our fans, friends and family and their belief in what Dave and I created together as Brown Bird has been the sole drive that keeps me going. As a young widow (I was 28) the biggest challenge now has been to find new meaning for my life, which plods onward whether I want it to or not. In April of 2015, right before I turned 30, I released Brown Bird's last album, Axis Mundi, with the intention to keep Brown Bird alive for as long as I can. Today, I ship music and merchandise worldwide from our little home in Rhode Island, and I receive loving messages from new fans and loyal fans, expressing what we've meant to them. In that way I am a very fortunate woman. Having our song "Danger and Dread", which is from the first album Dave and I wrote and recorded together, picked up by a major television network not only fills me with excitement and gratitude, but hope that my wish to keep our music alive forever may truly come to fruition. 

- MorganEve

In addition to the words above, MorganEve provided us with this exclusive acoustic video of them performing "Danger and Dread" that we hope you'll enjoy. We also highly encourage you to check out the final Brown Bird album, Axis Mundi, available on BandCamp and iTunes