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Quantico: A diverse group of recruits has arrived at the FBI Quantico Base for training. They are the best, the brightest and the most vetted, so it seems impossible that one of them is suspected of masterminding the biggest attack on New York City since 9/11.
Quantico stars Priyanka Chopra as Alex, Jake McLaughlin as Ryan, Aunjanue Ellis as Miranda, Yasmine Al Massri as Nimah, Johanna Braddy as Shelby, Tate Ellington as Simon and Graham Rogers as Caleb.

ABC's new drama Quantico was written by Josh Safran. Executive producers are Josh Safran, Mark Gordon and Nick Pepper. “Quantico” is produced by ABC Studios.

Starring: Priyanka Chopra | Jake McLaughlin | Aunjanue Ellis | Yasmine Al Massri | Johanna Braddy | Tate Ellington | Graham Rogers

Music from the latest episode:

Episode #112: "Alex"
Original Air-Date: 3/6/2016
Song  Artist Description of Use
Shooting Star Air Traffic A dingy but charming bar. FIND Alex, tired, alone, watching the TV, downing her whiskey.
L8 CMMR Lily Allen We begin a fun MONTAGE of Trainee Color Wars. Liam explains to both trainee classes (our trainees on the left, the other class on the right) the rules of the game
Villain Lucie Silvas Ryan, Alex, Shelby and Vasquez talk in a private room
People Kye Kye Shelby, meeting a MIDDLE EASTERN MAN, 40s, handsome
Shelby continues to talk to Khaled at the restaurant
Come On Air Traffic Our trainees come enter a classroom with their new intermingled class. As we begin an AROUND-THE-HORN
Episode #111: "Inside"
Original Air-Date 12/13/2015
Song Artist Scene Description
"Dreams Come True" Brandon Flowers Alex and NIMAH are woken up by banging at their door. VASQUEZ and Shelby hurriedly get dressed for PT. CALEB wearily gets dressed. The counselors are waking everyone up. The trainees are surprised by FBI field counselors throwing them a holiday party. They share holiday plans.
"O Holy Night" CAST (Vasquez) The hallway is now empty when Alex enters with her bag and heads toward her room. Looks like she's not leaving town after all! Just then, she stops. Hears something. SINGING. Vasquez, just out of the shower, belting "O Holy Night". Reveal Shelby and Nimah lied about going home too. They are all there for the holidays.
"Christmas Auld Lang Syne" Bobby Darin The four girls on a run through the snow-covered campus.Post-workout, clad in towels. Nimah tries to pick the lock of a door marked FACULTY ONLY.As they discuss their love lives, Nimah gets the lock open. CUT TO: All four are sitting in the room. They have their pending inactive cases out in front of them. They sit around and Alex drunk dials Ryan. He answer, but they hear a woman in the background.
"Christmas Wrapping" The Waitresses The trainees attend a New Years party at the Haas house. Caleb introduces Shelby to his mother. Alex goes to put the coats away, she meets and gets directions from Hannah. Clayton reveals to Caleb he and Claire are getting back together. Alex calls Ryan again only to discover he is in attendance at the party, with another woman.
"For All the Lovers" Five Alarm As Caleb's mother's assistant calls him over for a photo, she reveals his mother is on the short list for Viec President. The happy family is all an act.
"I've Got You to Love" Daniel May "Claire reviews her notes before Caleb barges in, trailed by Shelby and Caleb. He demands Claire tell Clayton the 'real reason' they're getting back together. Claire reassures Clayton the nomination has nothing to do with them."
"Gin and Tonic" Parry Music Library Everyone gathers around to hear Claire toasting the Haas family and the new year.
"Between Me and You" Brandon Flowers Shelby breaks up with Caleb. Liam brings Alex back to Quantico but she asks him to take her away, anywhere, she's not ready to go inside.
Episode #110: "Quantico"
Original Air-Date: 12/6/2015
Song Artist Description of Use
"Don't Wanna Fight" Alabama Shakes The opposite of a family: Our trainees are kicking each other's asses in hand-to-hand combat
"Don't Wait" Mapei A "murder board" of trainee candidate headshots on a large bulletin board in the middle of the library.
"Won't Let Go" David Bazan Ryan getting ready to leave Quantico when Alex comes to talk to him. They talk about where they will go from here.
"Miss You" Alabama Shakes Simon packs up his things. Vasquez proudly shows Brandon a photo of her daughter.
Episode #109: "Guilty"
Original Air-Date: 11/29/2015
Song Artist Description of Use
"You Don't Know Me" Son Lux A foot stomps down on a mud puddle. And then another. And another. Until we REVEAL: Alex and the NATs on a morning run through the rain
"Can't Let Go" Lucinda Williams Quick pops as our trainees play a drinking game. Each player must name a serial killer with more victims than the previously names serial killer. Even Raina, the devout Muslim, is drinking and playing.
"Bye Bye Blackbird" Joe Cocker Act 3, Alex enters Globe & Eagle, the jukebox changes to a Joe Cocker song.
"Trouble" Wait Think Fast Simon and Langdon discuss the victim from their exercise earlier, Simon has a picture on his phone.
"All The Love You Got" Diane Birch Alex arrives at this crowded, lively college bar/restaurant. Liam is sitting in a booth, he says he's waiting to run inot his daughter.
"From The Stone" Mike Stocksdale Brandon, Vasquez, Shelby, Caleb, Ryan and Raina raise glasses. As they drink, Ryan spots Simon and Dr. Langdon leaving together. Simon in front. He heads out after them
"Your Day Will Come" Son Lux Alex goes to see Miranda but she stops when she sees Liam is already there. Liam comes out and updates Alex about Mirandas case. He thanks her for getting him home. Vasquez opens up a little bit to Shelby and tells her about her daughter.
Episode #108:  "Guilty"
Original Air-Date:  11/15/15
Song Artist Description of Use
"She's The One" Ray Lamontagne Act 1, Possible song for montage of Alex being processed.
"Me Liquor and God" Night Beds Act 1, Script calls for pumping music for Alex & NATs on morning run thru rain.
"I Belong To You" Brandi Carlilie Act 2, Possible song for montage of NATs working in teams to determine which victim doesn't belong.
"Pick Up A Gun" Ray Lamontagne Act 3, Bar source, Brandon, Vasquez & Caleb at local watering hole, Globe & Eagle.
Episode #107: "Go"
Original Air-Date: 11/8/15
Song Artist Description of Use
"Change" Daniel Merriweather The NATs continue their physical training
"Sky High" Ben Folds Simon enters Elias' room to find him packing. Elias expresses regret for fleeing and respect for Simon.
"For Your Money" Daniel Merriweather Miranda Midterm wrap-up lecture V.O
Episode #106:   "God"
Original Airdate:   11/1/2015
Song Artist Description of Use
"What Kind Of Man" Florence + The Machine Ryan and Alex in the shower. (Montage) Nats starting their day.
"Holy Dove" Civil Twilight Int Miranda's Home: Miranda knocks on her sons door to talk to him but he walks away
"Hide Away" Daya Quantico Classroom:
Vera gives the trainees an introduction to various forms of surveillance equipment.
"Cicadas and Gulls" Feist Quantico Dorms:
Simon and Raina sit on Raina's bed having tea.
"Civilian" Wye Oak Miranda approaches Charlie at school. Ryan comes up to Alex in a surveillance van.
"Delilah" Florence + The Machine Liams Office:
Alex walks out ready to kick some butt. Miranda wraps up the surveillance exercise owth the trainees.
Episode #105:   "Somewhere"
Original Air-Date:   10/25/2015
Song Artist Description of Use
"Seventeen" Alessia Cara (MONTAGE) INT. QUANTICO - GYM - DAY
Alex hits a heavy bag being held steady by Ryan.
"Will It Go Round In Circles" Billy Preston MONTAGE of the FBI Trainee's building their undercover identities, making copious notes in black notebooks: Alex pores over international legal journals on her bed, while Ryan reads Popular Mechanics next to her.
"Wildfire" (Bees Knees Remix) Scavenger Hunt INT. D.C. AREA HOTEL - We get our first look at our FBI trainees in their undercover identities.
"Indecision" Shura INT Corporate Party
"leaves" Miguel INT. D.C. AREA HOTEL - Shelby sips Champagne and chats up an exec in the doorway of an empty room, away from the cocktail party din in the background. "
ALEX'S POV: The city lights fill the night sky. MUSIC UP as we RACK FOCUS to Alex's reflection in the window, her face inches from the glas
"Wild Things" Alessia Cara Montage with V.O from Alex's interview…
The bloviating anchor is once again on the air. The same blogger puts the interview footage on his site of Alex speaking from her heart.
Episode #104:   "Kill"
Original Air-Date:   10/18/2015
Song Artist Scene Description
Canyon Moon Andrew McMahon & The Wilderness


Break The Rules Charli XCX


Father, Father Laura Mvula Alex enters the room to find Shelby in her bed.
Maps For The Wilderness Andrew McMahon & The Wilderness Alex thanks Ryan. Mirand starts her lecture about dealing with stress on the job. Miranda's V.O continues over...
Simon looks at an online profile of Max
Episode #103:   "Cover"
Original Air-Date:   10/11/15
Song Artist Description of Use
"What A Day" Josephine ALEX, in her FBI swimsuit, hands bound behind her back--and attached to SHELBY, who is similarly bound. PULL BACK to REVEAL: other pairs of NATs similarly bound in the water.
"Dreams" Beck Montage of the NATS sitting together and profiling each other.

Various shots of our NATs dropping off their reports with Miranda's ASSISTANT. END MONTAGE.
"Mosquito" Yeah Yeah Yeah's The NATS spar - physically and verbally
"House Of Mirrors" Josephine A press conference is taking place. Sita stands before a bank of microphones. She's flanked by Liam and Clayton as she speaks from a written statement (Voice Over)
Episode #102: "AMERICA"
Original Airdate: 10/4/15
Song Artist Description of Use
Alex jogs as we begn an around the horn MONTAGE of their morning.
Freak Kelly Rowland EXT. HANGAR
Miranda and Liam discuss the NATS
Monster Jacob Banks Feat. Avelino INT. HANGAR:
Nats are deep into each of their rooms
now, looking for clues.
Ryan apologizes to Alex
Peace And Love Cat Power Miranda gives 'Reasons' speech V.O. over the montage at Quantico: Shelby sees Caleb walking with the analysts. Flash Forward: We see news footage.
Episode #101: Pilot  
Original Air-Date: 9/27/15  
Song Artist Description of Use
"Paradise Circus" Massive Attack INTRO - MEETING ALEX
ALEX PARRISH in the rubble. NINE MONTHS EARLIER Alex packs up a suitcase, says goodbye to her mother and gets into a cab.
"All This Could Be Yours" Cold War Kids Montage of students leaving home for Quantico
"Northwestern Girls" Say HI Dorm Room Source
"Raising Hands Raising Hell" Wind and The Wave Alex hides the ziplock
"Octahate'" Ryn Weaver Montage of class investigating each other.
"First" Cold War Kids Alex is put in the FBI van. The driver turns out to be Miranda who slips her the handcuff key and crashed the van so Alex can escape.